Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Swimmin' Baby!

Get ready for the cutest. thing. ever.  (Yes, I know I say that all the time about my little sweetheart....)

But is there ANYTHING cuter than a baby in a swimsuit??
 Look at those chubby legs!
This picture cracks me up!  Mom! I'm wearin' a swimsuit!! (I had to try both suits on to see which one fit better...)

Daddy came home with ten-dollar baby pool from Target the other day.  We left it outside for a couple of days for the water to warm up, and took a quick dip this afternoon.  She loved it!  I thought for sure she would cry because the water was a little cool, but she didn't seem to mind.

After a few minutes, Harley decided he needed to get in on the action.  He hopped in and did some swimmin' with Natalie.

 Silly dog would rather drink out of rain puddles and baby pools than his own water bowl.
Harley loves sniffing Natalie's face.  My special dog. :)

Now I'm anxious to get her in a "big" pool.  We are going for a playdate at Jenn's tomorrow, so maybe we'll dip her in and see what she thinks.  That might make me a little nervous....I'm sure I'll have the death-grip on her because I'll be fretting about dropping her in the water! 

Okay, must go to get some things done while baby girl is sleeping.  This is awaiting me...

This is a very small portion of the hand-me-downs I received yesterday.....thanks Kendall!

Hope you are staying cool!  It feels more like August around here instead of June!

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  1. Thanks for your sweet post! I miss you, too!!! Do something soon?? I am dying to see Natalie again. :) These pictures are just unreal- like something out of a baby swimsuit catalogue. lol