Monday, December 9, 2013

Lillie {one month}

Okay, so I've been horrible about blogging this year....and I was no good at posting pregnancy updates.  Good grief, I never even posted an announcement of Lillie's arrival!  Hoping to get her birth story written down before too much time goes by.
Here's what I do know - I totally treasure the monthly updates I did during Natalie's first year.  I look back at them often, and love reading the details that I have since forgotten.  Things like what she liked and how she grew and how big she was and when she met certain milestones.  I was able to turn them into a beautiful first year photo book for her, and I truly have hopes to do the same for this second little girl.
So I may not blog about anything else, but I am determined to document the first year of her life here too!

Our Lillie Anne is one month old!
She has fit just seamlessly into our little family.  I had so many fears about how our family would change, how Natalie would adjust, how life would be different with two girls instead of one.  But the truth is, she belongs with us.  And now, just like when Natalie came, we can't imagine life without her!

She is the sweetest, calmest little baby.  A quiet little lovey.

Here's what we know about our girl at one month old:
- Loves to eat! Nurses every three hours during the day.  I have to wake her to feed often because she still just wants to sleep, sleep, sleep.  At night I let her sleep and she will usually stretch 4 or 5 hours at night.  I plan to move her from her bassinet to her room soon.  Daddy is nervous though because she doesn't cry when she wakes to eat.  She grunts and kicks and snorts - which I can hear easily as she sleeps right next to our bed.  But she would be harder to hear of course when she's across the hall in her own crib.
- Lillie is a sleepy bug!  She is usually awake for about an hour after she eats, then back to sleep until her next feeding.  Sometimes we get a two hour appearance from her in the evening, which makes her nice and tired for bedtime.

- She is responding to all of our voices.  She is definitely in tune to her sister's voice, and she always calms down when I sing to her or when I'm reading aloud to Natalie. 
- She is a snuggler, loves to be cuddled.  But does equally well when I swaddle her and lay her down with a paci - she can fall asleep on her own.
- We've had some hints of a smile when she's awake, and lots of those sweet dreamy newborn smiles when she's sleeping.  Will be waiting for a more responsive smile in the next month!
- She loves to be in the swing or in her bouncy seat.  She likes the motion I think....

- She doesn't spit up much (Natalie spit up constantly, although it never seemed to bother her or put her in a bad mood).  She likes to kick her little legs and lay on her tummy time mat.  But doesn't love being on her tummy for too long!
- She likes her bath and the warm water. Her little body relaxes when I pour the warm water over her....she just gives me a frown when I try to wipe her eyes and clean her face. Loves to have her hair washed!
We love our sweet Lillie girl so much already!