Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We had a wonderful holiday with family this year.  It was very laid back....just our style....and for the first time in six years I feel that we finally have all this "my family", "your family" stuff worked out.  Now, it's just "our family"!  We celebrate with Mark's side on Christmas Eve, and my side on Christmas Day, and it works out great.  We went low-key on gifts this year as well....I just don't see why we need to go crazy with presents!  Little girl, however, was spoiled with lovely things at each Christmas celebration.

On Christmas Eve we went to Mark's grandma's house.  Here are some of my favorite pics from that night:

Cute hubby!  Love this guy...

My father-in-law & me.  Love him too...

Cute baby #1:  Tristan
Cute baby #2:  Parker
Cute baby #3:  Abby

I love being around kiddos on Christmas!  They are so fun and entertaining to be around....we all just sit around watching them, laughing and smiling.  Next year, we'll have our own little cutie to throw in the mix!  That mind entered my mind often this holiday will be so different to have our little familiy of three next year!

Christmas Day we went to my sisters.  More cute kids, more good food, more fun time with family...
G and her American Girl Doll "Lainey".  I've seen her a couple of times since Christmas....and I'm yet to see her without this doll in her arms.  She LOVES it!

This little love with all of his dinosaurs and monster trucks. 

RJ....or "Mr. Serious" as I like to call him.  He laid on the floor forever watching his cars go around and around and around on the track that Mimi got him.

My love and me (aka b.i.g. m.o.m.m.a.)

So many great memories, and a great year this year!  Now I'm ready to get all this Christmas stuff put away and get my house back in order!  However, I am NOT ready to end my winter break and go back to school.  It has been so nice to have time off and get things done at home and take naps.  :)  4 more days to enjoy until it's back to the real world!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

32 Weeks

How far along:  32 weeks!
Baby is the size of: a jicama...dont' know what that is.  She is about 3.75 pounds and 16.7 inches long.
Sleep: If I can get comfortable, I'll sleep a good 3 or 4 hours without waking up.  Otherwise, it's every 1 or 2 hours.  The other night I woke up at 3:30 starving, so I got up, ate a bowl of cereal, watched TV, then went back to bed at 6.  I guess this is REALLY preparing me for the sweet girl's arrival!
Cravings: Milk, peanut butter cups (mmmm...), breakfast food (think pancakes, waffles, bacon, etc.)  I'm actually eating smaller & more frequent meals as I fill up quickly.  More like 3 small meals and 2 or 3 good sized "snacks" a day.  I went to the doctor today and only gained 2 pounds in the past two weeks, so that was a relief.  I wasn't sure what that scale would reveal after 2 weeks of holiday eating!
Symptoms:  Backache, difficulty getting deep breaths, my feet don't really seem super swollen - but my shoes feel tight and uncomfortable...I'd just rather wear slippers all the time!  I've had this weird cramp up under my ribs on the right side; I'm assuming it has to do with the baby's position, but I'm planning to ask my doctor.  I went to see her today, but she had to leave for a delivery before I got a chance to meet with her, so I rescheduled for tomorrow.  It was either that, or wait for an hour in the waiting room that seemed to be 100 degrees.  Of course, I'm hot often these days... What a complainer I am!
Milestones: Made BIG progress on the nursery yesterday.  I actually can leave the door open now!  It was at the point that I had to keep the door closed all the time because it would make me so anxious to walk by and see the state of her room.  However, now it is looking great!  I came up with some storage and organization solutions (thanks to the bestie!) and now things are looking much better around here.  We are calling our girl by name these days, which is fun.  Our childbirth class starts next Monday, so I am getting excited about that.  I also checked out some books from the library and have been reading about breastfeeding.  So much to learn!

Overall, getting more and more EXCITED to meet this sweet little girl! 
Pictures of Christmas to come soon.....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

Well, I guess today is my last chance to get some wrapping, cookie-baking, and cleaning done before the big day!  We have plans to visit and celebrate with family over the next three days, so I better get myself in gear!

So, what's a girl to do when a messy house and a counter of baking supplies are calling her name??  Why, play in her daughter's nursery of course!  What can I say, I'm a procrastinator....

No, we aren't ready for a reveal yet.  Mostly because her room still looks like this:

And this:

And this:

I honestly did go in there with the best intentions to put some things away.  And, as organized as I usually am, I have a hard time getting from messy to organized.  Once I'm there, I'm there.  But walking into a room of "piles" sends my brain into overload.  I need the help of my wonderful, wonderful friend who is fantastic at organizing (hint, hint, JENN!)

Needless to say, after looking around at said "piles" for 10 minutes, I gave up and decided to take pictures of her adorable wardrobe.

But look at all of her cute stuff!  Here are some of my favorite outfits that I just can't wait to get her into!
Frilly pink dresses....
(Thanks cousin Danica!)

(Hand-me-down from Grace -- with matching hat & bloomers!)

And cute little pants with sweet things on the bottom:
And "lounging" clothes (Mark says this outfit is "our style" in we sit around and don't do much, but like to look good doin' it):
(Thanks Grandma Cece!)

Little sweet socks:
(Thank you Kodi and Melinda!)

And (drumroll please.....) the very first thing that I have personally bought for my girl:

Was it way too much money?  Yes.  But, I couldn't leave it behind!  So cute!

Okay, I suppose I have no more excuses.....of to get some work done.  Happy, happy, happy Christmas Eve Eve to you!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

31 Weeks

How far along:  31 Weeks
Baby is the size of:  4 navel oranges (3.3 pounds, 16 inches long)
Sleep:  Sleeping okay...wake up often to change positions or go to the bathroom.
Cravings:  Not much of appetite has been a little off this week.
Symptoms:  Short of breath, back pain, TIRED.  Baby girl has been very active this week!
Milestones:  Nothing major this week.  Still trying to get prepared for her arrival, but have had to take somewhat of a break in order to get ready for Christmas next weekend!  I did work on making crib bumpers for her bed today.  They are coming together!  I really hope to get her room mostly ready while I have some time off over my Winter Break.  Then I'll post a nursery update so you all can see how it looks!

I'm off to cuddle up on the couch for the rest of the evening.  Check back in a day or two for pictures from this weekend -- we celebrated my graduation with my Master's Degree!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hitting a Wall

That's right, folks.  I've officially hit the whole "over this pregnancy" phase.  I've heard women talk of this day, when they go from loving pregnancy to hating it....and people, I'm there.

Yes, I'm being whiny.  But don't you think I'm allowed to be a little whiny at 30 1/2 weeks? 

So far, I have had an easy pregnancy.  Walk in the park.  Three or four weeks of nausea at the beginning, but no vomiting.  Yes, a little tired at the beginning, but the second trimester was a breeze!  As I went into week 20, I was so happy to be "showing" and growing a little belly.  I have relished all of the flutters, kicks, and rolls as baby girl has moved around more and more.  I was excited about wearing maternity clothes and baby bump pictures.  Overall, baby and mommy have been healthy and happy.  I've been extremely thankful for that!  But I think the honeymoon is over....

I'm tired.  I mean REALLY tired.  As in, don't want to do anything after I get home each night.  This results in an ever-growing to-do list that never seems to get any shorter.  I'm fat (30 POUNDS gained!!! YIKES!).  So much for keeping that under control.  Unfortunately, I'm not one of the cute little pregnant girls who gets a belly...I'm growing "baby" in my belly, butt, and face.  My feet hurt, my back hurts.  I can't roll over at night without a running start at it. I have to pee 15,000 times a day.  And now, this week, it seems I can't even sit comfortably, as I have a baby taking up residence in my rib cage.  AND all I hear these days is things like "Wow, you are getting big", and "You stil have 10 weeks to go?" as if I were unaware of this.


Am I still over the moon about a baby girl getting here in 10 weeks?  Absolutely!  Do I sit in her nursery and smile at all of her tiny pink clothes?  Yes!  Am I still thanking God each day for blessing me with this baby?  Of course! 
However, I'm ready to meet her and hold her and go from "pregnant" to "mommy".  Hurry up little one!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hustle Bustle

Sunday evening is quiet....compared to the hustle and bustle of the weekend around here.

We worked on Christmas shopping on Friday night.  I am so behind this year!  Luckily, we are not buying much, and we got most of it done....including a trip to Toys R Us, which is always an adventure.  Why does it always seems like it is 100 degrees in there?  I think they want children to scream and throw tantrums.  That way, their parents just buy things quickly, regardless of the price, so they can get out of there!

I cleaned my house on Saturday morning -- it was in desperate need, and I actually had the energy to do it.  I always feel good when it's done.

Saturday afternoon we had a baby shower.  Still bringing home lots of cute and sweet things for our baby girl!

This is my "Honey, it's not pink!" face:
    On Saturday night, my honey came down with a fever, and has been sick ever since.  So, I've been trying to nurse him and also stay away from him - because I don't need to get sick right now!  That means I have to sleep in the guest room.  It is lonely in there!  I am so used to sleeping next to him that I actually have a hard time getting to sleep without him.
    Sunday was relaxing!  I had a craft-ernoon to work on some TOP SECRET baby things for my best friend's baby shower.  Then I made my all-time favorite Christmas treat:
     These are so simple.  I'm not sure why I only make them at Christmas time.  I was craving them, so I picked up the almond bark and the pretzels....and, voila! instant yumminess! This weekend also brought another milestone:  30 weeks!  I can't believe it!  WARNING:  bare belly!
    How far along:  30 Weeks
    Baby is the size of: a head of cabbage (15.7 inches long, almost 3 pounds!)
    Sleep:  Can I skip this category?  I hope I see some better nights before she gets here!
    Cravings:  All week I've been thinking about a big, hot, salty pretzel from Auntie Anne's.  However, I never go to the it may be awhile before I give in to this one.
    Symptoms:  Backache, some crampiness, fatigue
    Milestones:  Hmmm....can't think of any for this week.  Got the crib mattress?  Baby's room is getting closer to being done.
     Well, a large stack of papers and a red pen are calling my name.  Gotta get my Sunday evening grading done, and get some things ready for the week ahead.  Have a great one, everybody!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quiet Evening

The house is quiet.  I sit alone, cuddled up on the couch with my fuzzy fleece socks and a blanket thrown over my lap.  The only light in the room comes from the Christmas tree in the corner, and a lone candle flickering.  Deep breath.

This is the kind of evening I need, after the day I've had.  I took 24 bright-eyed, buzzing second graders to The Nutcracker today.  We had a great time, but it wore me out!  I see the ballet each year, so there's nothing new there.  However, I always enjoy watching my students faces as the ballet begins.  They sit, enchanted, frozen, on the edge of their seats.  Girls in Christmas dresses and boys in sweaters, ties, and loafers.  (Sidenote:  Girls in dresses are cute, but expected.  I still argue that there is nothing sweeter than a little boy in a dress shirt, sweater, and loafers.  One little guy had on khakis and a navy blazer.  SO yummy!)  As the music begins and the dancing starts, I can hear them whispering parts of the story that we have tirelessly rehearsed at school.  Look!  There's Clara!  That's Drosselmeyer in the cape!  There's the Mouse King!  They watch the dancers, the musicians in the orchestra, the lights, sets, and costumes with fascination and awe.

Of course, this interest lasts until about intermission.  After that, as I look down the rows I see a completely different picture.  Boys slumped down in their seats, heads resting on the closest parent helper, legs swinging restlessly.  Skirts hiked up as girls struggle with itchy tights and uncomfortable patent leather shoes.  And the never ending question:  Is it over yet?

Mostly, they did great.  They were excited, but well-behaved.  The problem was, I didn't get one, single, solitary second away from these little darlings today.  I even got to enjoy two meals with them.  *sigh*  We ate a big breakfast before we left since we wouldn't get back to school until after 1:00.  A great big breakfast that I had to serve myself because there was some kind of miscommunication with the room mothers about helping me!  There I was, up to my elbows in cream cheese, egg casserole, cinnamon rolls, and comments like "I want six grapes and a piece of bacon" and "I want eggs without the sausage in it."  My reponses?  "You will get as many grapes as I put on your plate", "Pick the sausage out", and "Carry those plates with TWO HANDS!"  We still had a milk spill and canteloupe on the carpet...

But, what can I say when they are this cute?

Needless to say, I am glad to be snuggled up at home for the evening.  I did some iTunes browsing tonight to "beef up" my Christmas song collection.  Have you heard "A Baby Changes Everything" by Faith Hill?  My advice:  don't listen to it if you are pregnant.  Otherwise you too will be sitting alone in the dark of your living room with tears rolling down your face.  Ahhhhh....pregnancy hormones.  If you are not carrying a child you should be fine...  Seriously, though, it's a really neat song.

Well, I'm off to find some dinner and take my new friend (iron supplement).  My doctor called me this week and told me I'm anemic/iron-deficient.  I think that explains my fatigue lately (I just thought it was that whole "third trimester" thing setting in).  Also, my "episode" at church this week.  We had to leave due to my sweating and dizziness/lightheadedness.  So, we'll see if these iron supplements will help a little.

Hope you all have a great week -- I'm starting to stress slightly about the Christmas shopping I still have left to do.  'Tis the season!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bright Spots

There were many bright spots over the past week....

1.  Birthday dinner with best friend - Our bellies are so different. You can see the height difference between us, yet our bellies are in the same place. She is carrying higher, and I'm carrying low. Baby girl and baby boy are gonna LOVE each other!

2.  Work Shower -- My wonderful co-workers gave me a beautiful shower on Friday night!  They were so generous.  We received a gift card for our travel system (stroller and baby car seat) as well as our "next step up" car seat.  Woohoo!  And, it wouldn't have been complete without more PINK!  I'm going to do a post soon with a tour of her closet -- she has some cute stuff!

3.  Cute puppy -- he was under the weather earlier this week, and I was worried about him.  But he has bounced back and was enjoying the sunshine in the backyard today.  My little stinker...I love him.

4.  Celebrating another week!  Here we are at 29 weeks.

How far along:  29 Weeks
Baby is the size of:  Butternut Squash (she now weighs around 2 1/2 pounds, and is 15 inches long)
Sleep: Still having rough nights....back pain is the biggest hinderance, and I just can't get comfortable in bed.
Cravings:  Milk, I combined the two and HAD to have a Frosty from Wendy's. :)
Symptoms:  The indigestion has subsided some, but back pain has intensified (as I sit here now with the heating pad!).  Also, I've noticed that the fatigue is returning and my energy level is down - I suppose that is because I'm not sleeping as well at night?
Milestones:  We've had many baby showers over the past couple of weeks, so the girl's room is filling up!  I am now going to the doctor every two weeks.  Mark has named our girl...we'll see if it sticks....