Sunday, November 28, 2010

So much going on around here in the past few days.....thus starts the "busy" time of the year.  Except that this year is even "busier" with the arrival of our girl getting closer and closer!

Here I am at 28 weeks.  She just keeps growing!

For Thanksgiving, we went to Hutchinson, KS to be with family.  My dad's sister lives there, and family from all around congregates there for our feast.  So yummy!  A meal I look forward to each year...

And it just wouldn't be a holiday without these darlings...they are getting too big.

Aunt Betty also helped me with my baby girl's quilt, and I was able to finish it!  Finally!

I just LOVE how it turned out!

Saturday, it was out to Mark's Grandma's for dinner.  Because we hadn't had enough to eat yet this weekend!  I played with my camera a little, taking pictures of her horse, Shelby in the fading sunlight.  Such a pretty animal on beautiful evening.

And, now that it is all over, I am miserably sick with a cold.  Spent my Sunday on the couch in my jammies...a day sprinkled with naps, a bubble bath, DVDs, and a couple of cups of hot tea.  Hoping to feel better by tomorrow - can't use those sick days!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

I did some Christmas crafting this weekend.... I've had baby on the brain (obviously) and haven't posted a craft on here in ages.  I set to work with some felt, burlap, tulle, and jingle bells -- nothing better!

I created this cute little "JOY" banner!
Made the peppermint candies from felt, stuffed them, and wrapped them in tulle (to look like candy wrappers, of course).  The letters are made from felt, glued on to the burlap.  Had so much fun with this one!  I'm a sucker for bunting....

Also took some time today to put up the Christmas tree.

With our new living room arrangment this year, we had to rearrange the furniture a few times to decide where the tree looked best.  I may or may not have conned my poor husband into moving the couch a minimum of 3 times.....oops.  All in the name of Christmas joy, people!  I haven't gotten any of the other Christmas decor out yet, but will get to it by the end of the weekend I'm sure.

AND, thanks to the generosity of my students and their parents at school, I had enough money and gift cards to go buy my new camera today!!!  YES!  I don't know how to work it unless it's on the automatic settings, but I plan to take some time to learn before baby girl gets here.

Here are some pics I took of the pup as I was playing around with it.
Fortunately, he is cute.  Because he has been shamelessly naughty today, and seems to have lost his sense of hearing.... When I am talking to him, he sort of looks at me out of the corner of his eye, but conveniently does not do what I tell him to.  Stinker.

Happy Turkey Day tomorrow!  I am looking forward to the meal, and time with family.  Hope you all enjoy your holiday!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello, Third Trimester!

The book says that 27 weeks is the beginning of the third trimester....although I've seen a couple of websites that say 28 weeks.  Regardless, we are close enough....2/3 through this pregnancy!  Only 3 more months until our little girl gets here!  I look so tired in this picture - taken at about 9:30p.m. which is past my current bedtime!

How far along:  27 Weeks
Baby is the size of:  She's about as big as a head of cauliflower (almost 2 pounds, 15 inches long).
Sleep:  Ugh.  No comment.
Cravings:  Still love milk....sweets....
Symptoms:  Indigestion was a little better this week (maybe it's going away??).  Back, legs, and feet are sore each night, so I try to sit with my feet up in the evenings.
Milestones:  Nursery is coming along, and she actually has things in her closet now!  It is fun to see all the sweet little pink clothes hanging up in there.  We had our first baby shower this weekend, hosted by my fabulous sisters.  It was perfect!
Me with the hostesses. :)
We got a lot of cute, sweet, PINK clothes as gifts.  My mom made me a beautiful little scrapbook that I can put photos of the little one in.  She wrote a letter in the front...of course I cried, and couldn't read it aloud.  My sister tried as well, but couldn't read it either.  Best friend Jenn stepped up to read it aloud.  I'm surprised she didn't cry since she's pregnant too!  Here's me looking at my book.
We also got our Pack 'N Play, highchair, and lots of towels, blankets, and burpcloths.  One of my favorite gifts was this baby I've been eyeing for months....all framed and ready to hang. (My picture of it from my camera is not great....most of my pictures from the shower are kind of blurry because of the low light.  I can't wait to get my new camera!)  I can't wait to hang up this picture in the nursery above baby girl's crib.  Thanks, Jenn!
It was so great to have my friends and family there to celebrate the upcoming arrival of little girl - Aunt Peggy even traveled in from Atlanta.  We certainly feel blessed.  I came right home and unpacked everything right away.  Today I washed a lot of the new clothes and blankets, and organized things in her nursery.  I'll have two more showers in two weeks, so I wanted to get the first batch of things put away.  I will be able to finish her quilt this week, so will share how the nursery is coming along after that.

I am SO glad I only have a 2-day work week this week.  I've been so busy lately - I decided to get my craft on today to take some time just for me.  I did some Christmas crafting!  I'm not going to post it tonight, but check back in the next day or two for pictures of my creation, and probably pictures of the Christmas tree that will also be going up this week.  Yay for holidays!  I guess I should get moving on some of the Christmas shopping, huh?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

26 Weeks

Baby is the size of:  an eggplant!
Sleep:  I haven't been sleeping very well lately.  I feel like I am tossing and turning all night to get comfortable.  I did buy a body pillow this weekend; I'm hoping that will help some with the back and hip pain.
Cravings:  I still drink milk like it's going out of style...and I'm also enjoying sweets.  I am looking forward to Thanksgiving coming up and all the yummy foods I'll get to enjoy!
Symptoms:  The indigestion continues - I guess that's what it is, anyway.  I've never had indigestion before.  It doesn't burn (like heartburn), but especially in the late afternoon or evening after a meal I get a tightness and discomfort in my chest, and I have painful burping and hiccuping.  Is that indigestion??
Milestones:  We are getting closer to a name I think...but we aren't quite ready to share it yet. :)
We continue to make good progress in the nursery.  We got all of the furniture assembled and moved in this weekend, as well as a rug on the floor.  I got the closet cleaned out - yay! - and started sorting through the big bin of baby girl clothes that my sister passed on to me.  Here's the room so far:

I made Mark move the furniture around 3 times, but I think I like it now.  I had it in my head that I wanted it arranged a certain way....then when we actually got the stuff in there, I realized that the ottoman would be in my path to the crib.  I could just envision myself creeping into that nursery in the middle of the night and stubbing my toe on it!  So, we moved things around a couple of times, and I think this seems the most functional for now.  Until I change my mind again, that is. :)  The little round table next to the glider is already in the garage, primed and ready for a coat of antique white paint so it will match the other furniture.

Today I celebrated birthdays with my sisters and mom.  Us three girls all have November birthdays, so mom took us to get manis/pedis, then back to her house for gifts and dinner.  She made tuna noodle casserole - a childhood favorite!  I got a good chunk of change in gift cards towards my camera that I'm saving for, so thank you sisters! :)

Kate and I bought each other the same birthday card!  Which was funny because we were talking before we opened them about how Hallmark should make twin birthday cards.  I guess that's our version of a twin card - buy each other the same one!

Great weekend.  Can't believe tomorrow is Monday already.... but guess what??  Only 23 school days until Winter Break.  Not that I'm counting....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

25 Weeks

Baby Girl is growing...and Mommy is too. :)

Baby is the size of:  a rutabaga....whatever that is!
Sleep:  okay - not great, not terrible.
Cravings:  milk, Mexican food
Symptoms:  heartburn/indigestion, achy back

Milestones:  Daddy is feeling more kicks this week, and I feel her moving constantly.  Baby is still nameless, and I think I'm just going to stop worrying about it for now.  We'll figure it out later!
All of our baby showers are scheduled, and my first one is in just two weeks!  Actually all 5 (yes, five!) of my showers will take place before Christmas, so I'm glad her room is almost done.
Walls are painted...this isn't the best pic to show the color, but it's Sherwin Williams "Tame Teal".  Honey will finish the trim this week.
Also, her crib is put together!  Here it is in progress:

We put it together in the living room where there was more space.  Then when we tried to carry it down the hall and into the nursery, we couldn't get it in. :)  So Daddy had to disassemble part of it to get it in the room.  That was a learning experience....ha!

I'm getting anxious for my upcoming Thanksgiving break so I can get some things done.  I haven't had a day off (other than weekends, of course) since Labor Day.  I can't wait for that Wed., Thurs., Fri. to get here!  I am wanting to get my tree up and get started on my Christmas shopping.

The week ahead is busy at school.  I have to be honest, this school year has been a little difficult for me.  I'm so tired when I get home, and the kids seems to drain me of all my energy by the end of the day.  (Preparation for what's to come, I guess??)  I have a very sweet group of kids and parents this year, it's just that with all of these changes in my personal life, it's hard to balance both.  That makes me worried for when the little girl is here and our family is different.  My priorities may change a little.  I am so used to putting in a lot of long hours and bringing work home with me.  Even this year with me being pregnant, it has been harder to bring the same level of committment that I have in the past.  I'm still enjoying teaching, I can just see that things are shifting...


Monday, November 1, 2010

Here We Go!

Lots has been happening in the past week or so.  Bear with me....hopefully this won't be TOO long!

First of all, my typically late baby update:

Baby is the size of: an ear of corn (lengthwise)
Sleep:  not so good lately....seems to be a combination of discomfort AND my racing mind!  I constantly am thinking about the next thing we need to prepare for baby's arrival!
Cravings:  still milk this week
Symptoms: heartburn/indigestion, achy back
Milestones: Daddy felt one little kick this week, down low!  At my sonogram today, they told me that I actually have a placenta in the front, which they didn't tell me last time.  That's why he hasn't been able to feel her much.  I, on the other hand, can feel her all the time!  We can both feel her best when I am laying down.
STILL NO NAME!  But get asked often (as in DAILY).  I liked the name Audrey when my mom suggested it (her grandmother's name), but Mark just shrugged.  Typical...
Crib and changing table arrived this week, but we haven't painted the room yet, so they are still in the boxes. :)  I'm hoping it won't be too much longer though!
We had a second sonogram today.  Last time they couldn't see the stomach, so they wanted to take measurements of it today.  I was thrilled to have another chance to see the little nugget!  She was way more active today, and looked much bigger than just four weeks ago.
I don't have a scanner, so these are my somewhat failed attempts at tying to take a photograph of the sonograms pics.
Can you tell this is her face?  She has her arm up above her head.

Sweet little profile....still has that arm up there.  Through most of the sonogram she had her arms by her face, and even her feet up there for a little while!  She was much more active this time.  She was holding on to her toes, yawning, waving, opening and closing her eyes, and kicking my full bladder like crazy!  It was amazing to see her in there.  Her face and body have filled out a lot since our last sonogram just four weeks ago. She is growing and healthy!  We are so thankful! I commented to the sonographer that she has such a great job - seeing all of those beautiful miracle babies everyday.  She reminded me that her job is wonderful when babies are healthy, but that she has rough days when she has to deliver bad news.  Of course!  I guess when you have a healthy baby, you forget that not everyone is that lucky.  Makes me even more grateful for our blessing baby.

Halloween week was BUSY!  We carved our pumpkins, old-school style.  That's right, no fancy carving kits for us.  Just old-fashioned wooden spoons and steak knives.  But they turned out cute.
While Harley looked on, hopeful for a bite of pumpkin...he loved to eat the scraps on the floor!

Went to Karen and Todd's for dinner and trick-or-treating on Halloween.  How cute are these stinkers?

However, pretty much impossible to get a picture of all three of them looking at the camera and smiling.  And Grace's hat kept falling down into her eyes...

Whew!  I think that's it!  Going to go continue my marathon of Sister Wives.  Have you watched it?  Obsessed.