Sunday, November 28, 2010

So much going on around here in the past few days.....thus starts the "busy" time of the year.  Except that this year is even "busier" with the arrival of our girl getting closer and closer!

Here I am at 28 weeks.  She just keeps growing!

For Thanksgiving, we went to Hutchinson, KS to be with family.  My dad's sister lives there, and family from all around congregates there for our feast.  So yummy!  A meal I look forward to each year...

And it just wouldn't be a holiday without these darlings...they are getting too big.

Aunt Betty also helped me with my baby girl's quilt, and I was able to finish it!  Finally!

I just LOVE how it turned out!

Saturday, it was out to Mark's Grandma's for dinner.  Because we hadn't had enough to eat yet this weekend!  I played with my camera a little, taking pictures of her horse, Shelby in the fading sunlight.  Such a pretty animal on beautiful evening.

And, now that it is all over, I am miserably sick with a cold.  Spent my Sunday on the couch in my jammies...a day sprinkled with naps, a bubble bath, DVDs, and a couple of cups of hot tea.  Hoping to feel better by tomorrow - can't use those sick days!


  1. Jenny, are you tired of me commenting on every post you make? :)

    I LOVE...LOVEEEEE the quilt. Oh my goodness. You did an incredible job. Did you use a sewing machine? I might be getting one for Christmas and would love to learn how to make a quilt. What a special gift for Baby!

    Talk with you soon- good luck tomorrow. We will all need it. :)

  2. I can see her with that quilt now - so special that you can say YOU made it. :) I'm so sorry you are sick- that is the pits. Hope you are feeling much better today! Enjoy the time to rest. Pretty pictures of the horse - just imagine photographing baby! love you, dani