Monday, November 1, 2010

Here We Go!

Lots has been happening in the past week or so.  Bear with me....hopefully this won't be TOO long!

First of all, my typically late baby update:

Baby is the size of: an ear of corn (lengthwise)
Sleep:  not so good lately....seems to be a combination of discomfort AND my racing mind!  I constantly am thinking about the next thing we need to prepare for baby's arrival!
Cravings:  still milk this week
Symptoms: heartburn/indigestion, achy back
Milestones: Daddy felt one little kick this week, down low!  At my sonogram today, they told me that I actually have a placenta in the front, which they didn't tell me last time.  That's why he hasn't been able to feel her much.  I, on the other hand, can feel her all the time!  We can both feel her best when I am laying down.
STILL NO NAME!  But get asked often (as in DAILY).  I liked the name Audrey when my mom suggested it (her grandmother's name), but Mark just shrugged.  Typical...
Crib and changing table arrived this week, but we haven't painted the room yet, so they are still in the boxes. :)  I'm hoping it won't be too much longer though!
We had a second sonogram today.  Last time they couldn't see the stomach, so they wanted to take measurements of it today.  I was thrilled to have another chance to see the little nugget!  She was way more active today, and looked much bigger than just four weeks ago.
I don't have a scanner, so these are my somewhat failed attempts at tying to take a photograph of the sonograms pics.
Can you tell this is her face?  She has her arm up above her head.

Sweet little profile....still has that arm up there.  Through most of the sonogram she had her arms by her face, and even her feet up there for a little while!  She was much more active this time.  She was holding on to her toes, yawning, waving, opening and closing her eyes, and kicking my full bladder like crazy!  It was amazing to see her in there.  Her face and body have filled out a lot since our last sonogram just four weeks ago. She is growing and healthy!  We are so thankful! I commented to the sonographer that she has such a great job - seeing all of those beautiful miracle babies everyday.  She reminded me that her job is wonderful when babies are healthy, but that she has rough days when she has to deliver bad news.  Of course!  I guess when you have a healthy baby, you forget that not everyone is that lucky.  Makes me even more grateful for our blessing baby.

Halloween week was BUSY!  We carved our pumpkins, old-school style.  That's right, no fancy carving kits for us.  Just old-fashioned wooden spoons and steak knives.  But they turned out cute.
While Harley looked on, hopeful for a bite of pumpkin...he loved to eat the scraps on the floor!

Went to Karen and Todd's for dinner and trick-or-treating on Halloween.  How cute are these stinkers?

However, pretty much impossible to get a picture of all three of them looking at the camera and smiling.  And Grace's hat kept falling down into her eyes...

Whew!  I think that's it!  Going to go continue my marathon of Sister Wives.  Have you watched it?  Obsessed.


  1. Next Halloween there will be a fourth munchkin in the pictures!

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