Sunday, November 14, 2010

26 Weeks

Baby is the size of:  an eggplant!
Sleep:  I haven't been sleeping very well lately.  I feel like I am tossing and turning all night to get comfortable.  I did buy a body pillow this weekend; I'm hoping that will help some with the back and hip pain.
Cravings:  I still drink milk like it's going out of style...and I'm also enjoying sweets.  I am looking forward to Thanksgiving coming up and all the yummy foods I'll get to enjoy!
Symptoms:  The indigestion continues - I guess that's what it is, anyway.  I've never had indigestion before.  It doesn't burn (like heartburn), but especially in the late afternoon or evening after a meal I get a tightness and discomfort in my chest, and I have painful burping and hiccuping.  Is that indigestion??
Milestones:  We are getting closer to a name I think...but we aren't quite ready to share it yet. :)
We continue to make good progress in the nursery.  We got all of the furniture assembled and moved in this weekend, as well as a rug on the floor.  I got the closet cleaned out - yay! - and started sorting through the big bin of baby girl clothes that my sister passed on to me.  Here's the room so far:

I made Mark move the furniture around 3 times, but I think I like it now.  I had it in my head that I wanted it arranged a certain way....then when we actually got the stuff in there, I realized that the ottoman would be in my path to the crib.  I could just envision myself creeping into that nursery in the middle of the night and stubbing my toe on it!  So, we moved things around a couple of times, and I think this seems the most functional for now.  Until I change my mind again, that is. :)  The little round table next to the glider is already in the garage, primed and ready for a coat of antique white paint so it will match the other furniture.

Today I celebrated birthdays with my sisters and mom.  Us three girls all have November birthdays, so mom took us to get manis/pedis, then back to her house for gifts and dinner.  She made tuna noodle casserole - a childhood favorite!  I got a good chunk of change in gift cards towards my camera that I'm saving for, so thank you sisters! :)

Kate and I bought each other the same birthday card!  Which was funny because we were talking before we opened them about how Hallmark should make twin birthday cards.  I guess that's our version of a twin card - buy each other the same one!

Great weekend.  Can't believe tomorrow is Monday already.... but guess what??  Only 23 school days until Winter Break.  Not that I'm counting....


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