Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 6

I did it!!!  10 pounds gone!

Weight Loss/Gain:  Just under 2 pounds, bringing the grand total to 10 1/2.  Yippee!

Best Part of this Week:  My starting goal was 10 pounds in 6 weeks, and I am right on target.  Feels good to be able to stick to the plan and be encouraged by the progress.

Worst Part of this Week:  Stressful week at school.  Long and crazy days makin' me want to come home and veg out in front of the television and EAT.  Luckily, my sis and I have been forcing each other to meet up and run.  Each night that we met up this week, we would complain of how unmotivated we were feeling - but managed to pull off a great workout, anyway.  And yes, working out does bust stress.  It's just the initial action of getting your butt off the couch that makes it seem so hard!

Exercise:  Only one treadmill workout this week, which was nice.  The rest was done outside - the weather has been beautiful for this!

Goals for next week:  Keep on, keepin' on!

And, as  I'm gettin' mighty brave here - posting my weightThat dreaded number.  But only because it's going down.  The pictures only show a slight difference, in my opinion.  But, I can feel it in my clothes and I'm down a size - so that's a victory! 
(Sorry for the bad photo's really not easy taking pictures of yourself in the mirror.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

14 Months

This girl....
...just won't stop growing!

She is SO busy these days.  I feel like I am always saying that, but she continues to amaze me with the amount of stuff that she can get into within a short period of time.  Don't turn your back on this little lady!  She can empty a purse or diaper bag in less than a minute, pull every ziploc bag out of the box and scatter them all over the kitchen while I take a quick bathroom break, find something on the floor to taste (it seems my hardwood floors are always dirty!) while I put away laundry, and get her hands on the salt container from the pantry while I'm in the other room.  Don't ask about the salt container....she's obsessed with carrying it around...  Last week, she reached up on the end table and dumped a glass of ice water on her head.  I heard the table bump against the couch, the sharp gasp as the ice water hit her sweet little head, and then of course lots of wailing.  I couldn't help it - I laughed until I cried.  She looked like a little wet dog with the water running over her head and down her back.  That's what you get! I told her.

Little Miss Busy - despite her busy-ness - is so FUN these days, and we just laugh at her all the time.  She is such a little ray of sunshine....always happy, smiling, singing, babbling, laughing.  It is so contagious.  Pure joy.

She is getting BIG, and we have noticed lately how tall she is getting - mostly because she can reach things that she didn't used to be able to reach.  She is looking more and more like a little girl, and less like a baby.  With this warm weather, I love how she is looking in summer clothes - soft little white arms, rolls, chubby knees....yum.  Mostly 18-month clothes, and my little foot is just now getting into some size 4 shoes.  I hope her feet catch up with her someday! 

She is talking up a storm these days and getting good at repeating things.  Her new words include "up", "thank you", and "uh-oh".  That last one is the cutest darn thing I've ever heard!  She will repeat animal sounds like "woof woof", "baaa", and "quack quack" when we read books.  I love her little voice, and I love how much she is learning.  She understands what I say to her, and will do what I ask of her most of the time.  She likes to "help" do things, like putting trash in the trashcan, pick up laundry and put it in the basket, or put her toys into the bathtub while the water is running.  When we get ready in the morning and I grab her shoes, she will sit down in front of me and stick her feet out so I will put them on her.  She enjoys brushing her own teeth and hair, and tries to put on her clothes by holding them up to her body (she can be a little diva sometimes if she isn't allowed to be as "independent" as she'd like).  She can point out her tummy, nose, eyes, ears, hair, toes, mouth, and hands.  If I sing "Twinkle Twinkle" she will do the actions that go with it.  She amazes me!

 She is still eating and sleeping like a champ!  Loves milk....we have cut down to one bottle a day, at bedtime.  She wants to eat whatever we are eating, and wants to hold it and take bites.  If she is being picky about eating what is on her plate, I give it her in a bigger piece to hold and that interests her enough to continue eating.  When I give her half banana or whole waffle to hold, she will grin and nod her head and continue eating.  Like I said, Miss Independent. :)

This little girl is SO sweet.  She loves to give hugs and kisses, and adores her Mimi.  When my mom comes over, Natalie loves all over her like no one else.  My little lover baby. :)  She always has a minute for a snuggle with Mommy, blankie, and paci.  This child loves her blankie.  She will hunt it down, drag it around, rub it on her nose, wrap it around her neck, and pile it up on the floor and lay down to nuzzle her face in it.

And, of course, as with every other child her age - this one has quite the naughty streak sometimes!  That look in her precious blue eyes....a glint of ornery and mischief....when she knows she is not supposed to do something, but wants to do it anyway!  She'll look right at me, too.  Testing the waters.  Finally at dinner one night last week I had to snatch her out of her chair and put her in her crib.  She wailed (for the one whole minute she was in there).  A cry like I've never heard.  Yes, I know my child is too little for timeout.  It was more of a break for Mommy and Daddy - who were tired of the food throwing, whining, temper tantrums, and cup banging.  When I went in to get her, she nuzzled so deep in my neck.   Hiccups and ragged breaths.  Poor tortured little thing. :)  We had some loves and made up....and she finished her dinner without incident.

I am loving these days with her.  And so looking forward to my upcoming summer break so I can soak up even more.
I love you, Natalie Grace!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Weeks 4 & 5

Yikes, I got behind on my updates!
The past couple of weeks have flown by....I've been super busy at school and my workouts and diet have suffered a little bit.  I've gotten back on track in the past few days though, and after my weigh-in today, I am still on the downward.

Weight Loss/Gain:  In the past 2 weeks, only about a pound and a half....but that wasn't a big surprise.  I'm still counting it as a success!  Total weight loss is now at just under 9 pounds.  However, I'm trying to obsess less about the number on the scale, and enjoy the feeling of feeling stronger and healthier.

Best Part of this Week:  Pulled out some of my size 10 pants this week.  That's an accomplishment for me!  I was squeezing into my 12's when I not ALL of my 10's fit yet (why is sizing so weird?), but I'm on my way!  Mornings have been going more smoothly, as I am not fighting zippers or changing outfits 4 times because I feel that I look fat.  Just fitting into my clothes better makes me feel so much better.

Worst Part of this Week:  I had to also drag out my smaller bras this week - boo!  Leave it to me to lose weight in my boobs, when there isn't even much there to begin with!

Exercise:  Treadmill, treadmill, treadmill.  Getting burned out on that, so I did some outside runs in the evening this week.  Thinking of getting a workout video, but there are so many out there that I wouldn't even know where to start.  Suggestions?

Goals for next week:  Lose more than one pound!!

Inspiration...this kinda sums it all up:
Pinned Image
The one about exercising with a friend?  My sis and I have been walking/jogging together (such a motivator!), and she told me that at a women's conference she heard an interesting statistic:  If your best friend is overweight, you are 57% more likely to be overweight as well.  Jenn - that is speaking to us!!  We can do it! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Easter Lovin'

Yep, I'm a week late...but we celebrated a glorious Easter Sunday last weekend.  Here are a few pics from our day!

 Precious pink Easter dress...gifted back when Natalie was tiny from a dear friend (Thanks, Megan!).

 She did pretty well with picking up the eggs and putting them in the basket...just needed a little coaching.  And, for the record, doing better with keeping in the b-o-w these days, as long as we don't talk about it!

 She loved watching her bigger cousins run around.  Such a people-watcher this one is....she loves to take it all in. (Her hair is looking strawberry-blond in the sun!)

Happy family, blessed family!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Lovin'

We had our first round of Easter celebratin' with my momma last weekend.  She went to visit her parents for Easter, so we got the fam together a weekend early.  Such a change from last Easter....our little one was actualy participating in the egg-hunting, dinner-eating, cousin-chasing, and basket-opening this time!

She loved all the goodies that Mimi put in her Easter basket - a light up ball, a soft & sweet bunny, her beloved bunny cup with straw, and especially all the eggs filled with animal crackers and marshmallows. :)  Once she realized there were cookies inside, she wanted to eat them all.  There may have been a meltdown, and confiscation of eggs...

In true Natalie fashion, this little princess decided not to take a nap, so she was in a "zone" towards the end of the night.

She looked so sweet in her little flowered dress.  We had absolutey gorgeous weather, and were able to sit on the patio and enjoy the evening while the kids hunted eggs.

(I have the cutest nephews ever!!)

 Grace is totally Natalie crazy!  These girls are so sweet together!

I love my little bunny. :)

We are looking forward to more Easter goodness this weekend!  Wishing you and your family plenty of Easter blessings!

Week 3

Weight Loss/Gain: Down 2 pounds this week!  Bringing the grand total to 7 pounds so far.

Best Part of this Week:  I had a big Easter meal at my mom's at the beginning of the week, and I didn't even skip any of the good stuff. :)  Gotta have a cheat-treat every once in awhile!  Mmmm....carrot cake.

Worst Part of this Week:  Mark had to work nights this week, so that put me in "single parent" mode.  It was really hard to deal with the baby/house/meals by myself - I guess mostly because I'm not used to it.  My honey is so good about helping me out in the evenings, and taking care of the little one when I want to work in a run.  I was missing that big time this week!  I only got 3 workouts in, so I had to adjust my eating accordingly.  And...big props to all the single mommas out there!  Don't know how you do it!

Exercise:  Treadmill three time this week with interval workouts.  Trying to work in some high-intensity intervals during my walking/jogging/running to boost the calorie-burn.  Seemed to be effective this week since I had less workouts than less week, but more loss.  I need to start working in some strength training as well, so I did one workout that included some abs and arms.

Goals for next week:  4 workouts, plus some strength exercise as well!  I will post some progress pics when I lose my first 10!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 2

Weight Loss/Gain: Down only 1 pound this week.  Not gonna lie....that was a little disappointing compared to last week's loss.  But, as the hubby says, "Better than gaining a pound!"  I'll take any loss I can get. :)

Best Part of this Week:  I got to exercise a few times with my sis this week.  Much more fun to walk with her than alone on the treadmill in the basement!  We brought Natalie with us to our favorite park and took turns pushing the stroller.  She fell asleep and we walked our little big butts around and around and around that trail.  Good workout and good company!

Worst Part of this Week:  It's been a little harder this week to resist some of the temptations of all those yummy things I used to eat.  I did indulge in a cookie one day when a kiddo brought birthday treats at school.  It was from my favorite bakery and I couldn't say no.  I did work out a little more that night to make up for it. :)

Exercise:  Walked 2.5-3 miles at the park with my sissy two nights this.  Two other nights were spent on the treadmill at home....mostly intervals of walking/jogging and really trying to push myself.

Goals for next week:  I generally spend about 30 minutes on the treadmill and complete two miles.  I'd like to push myself for 3 miles a couple of times this week. 

Inspiration for this week: