Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Easter Lovin'

Yep, I'm a week late...but we celebrated a glorious Easter Sunday last weekend.  Here are a few pics from our day!

 Precious pink Easter dress...gifted back when Natalie was tiny from a dear friend (Thanks, Megan!).

 She did pretty well with picking up the eggs and putting them in the basket...just needed a little coaching.  And, for the record, doing better with keeping in the b-o-w these days, as long as we don't talk about it!

 She loved watching her bigger cousins run around.  Such a people-watcher this one is....she loves to take it all in. (Her hair is looking strawberry-blond in the sun!)

Happy family, blessed family!

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  1. OMG.. I can not believe she is wearing that already! I remember buying it and thinking "well it will be awhile before she can wear this!" I just LOVE it and it is perfect on her. Hope you guys had a great Easter.