Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 2

Weight Loss/Gain: Down only 1 pound this week.  Not gonna lie....that was a little disappointing compared to last week's loss.  But, as the hubby says, "Better than gaining a pound!"  I'll take any loss I can get. :)

Best Part of this Week:  I got to exercise a few times with my sis this week.  Much more fun to walk with her than alone on the treadmill in the basement!  We brought Natalie with us to our favorite park and took turns pushing the stroller.  She fell asleep and we walked our little big butts around and around and around that trail.  Good workout and good company!

Worst Part of this Week:  It's been a little harder this week to resist some of the temptations of all those yummy things I used to eat.  I did indulge in a cookie one day when a kiddo brought birthday treats at school.  It was from my favorite bakery and I couldn't say no.  I did work out a little more that night to make up for it. :)

Exercise:  Walked 2.5-3 miles at the park with my sissy two nights this.  Two other nights were spent on the treadmill at home....mostly intervals of walking/jogging and really trying to push myself.

Goals for next week:  I generally spend about 30 minutes on the treadmill and complete two miles.  I'd like to push myself for 3 miles a couple of times this week. 

Inspiration for this week:


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