Friday, April 20, 2012

Weeks 4 & 5

Yikes, I got behind on my updates!
The past couple of weeks have flown by....I've been super busy at school and my workouts and diet have suffered a little bit.  I've gotten back on track in the past few days though, and after my weigh-in today, I am still on the downward.

Weight Loss/Gain:  In the past 2 weeks, only about a pound and a half....but that wasn't a big surprise.  I'm still counting it as a success!  Total weight loss is now at just under 9 pounds.  However, I'm trying to obsess less about the number on the scale, and enjoy the feeling of feeling stronger and healthier.

Best Part of this Week:  Pulled out some of my size 10 pants this week.  That's an accomplishment for me!  I was squeezing into my 12's when I not ALL of my 10's fit yet (why is sizing so weird?), but I'm on my way!  Mornings have been going more smoothly, as I am not fighting zippers or changing outfits 4 times because I feel that I look fat.  Just fitting into my clothes better makes me feel so much better.

Worst Part of this Week:  I had to also drag out my smaller bras this week - boo!  Leave it to me to lose weight in my boobs, when there isn't even much there to begin with!

Exercise:  Treadmill, treadmill, treadmill.  Getting burned out on that, so I did some outside runs in the evening this week.  Thinking of getting a workout video, but there are so many out there that I wouldn't even know where to start.  Suggestions?

Goals for next week:  Lose more than one pound!!

Inspiration...this kinda sums it all up:
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The one about exercising with a friend?  My sis and I have been walking/jogging together (such a motivator!), and she told me that at a women's conference she heard an interesting statistic:  If your best friend is overweight, you are 57% more likely to be overweight as well.  Jenn - that is speaking to us!!  We can do it! :)

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