Sunday, January 29, 2012

Busy Weekend

We've had a busy weekend.  Not the kind of busy like when we're running errands, cleaning house, attending events, or having people over.  A different kind of busy....chasing an almost-one-year-old busy.

Our girl is crazy busy these days.  Opening cabinets & drawers, sliding behind furniture, bookin' it down the hallway and into a different room before I can see where she's gone.  Pulling trash out of trash cans, reaching for things on tabletops, and grabbing dishes out of the dishwasher as fast as I can load it.  Seems to be getting very hard to get things done around here lately...

This look?  It's the I didn't do it look that she gives me after she throws food on the floor.

Natalie's new moves had daddy installing cabinet locks this weekend, and mommy closing bedroom doors in an attempt to keep her contained.  I know she is learning and exploring, but she is wearing me out!

She even took her first few steps this weekend!  She walked 5 or 6 steps to my mom a couple of times, but of course by the time I got the video camera out, she'd only take one or two....oh well.  I'm sure we will get more steps on video soon! 

Thankfully, all of this exploring leaves our little one completely tuckered out by the end of the day.  Looks so peaceful when she's sleeping.

Happy weekend, friends.  Another busy week ahead of us! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eleven Months

Whoa - we made it to 11 months!  We are in full-on count-down mode towards the big O-N-E.  A beautiful, girly, pink, vintage theme awaits us next month as we celebrate one whole year with our little lady.

Our 11 month is reminding me more and more of a little girl, and less of a baby (tear!).  I still get a taste of that sweet, swaddled, brand-new girl at certain times of the day.  First thing in the morning as I hold her little snuggled body against me, and she wakes up slow and happy.  After a bath - lotioned and soft and so sweet-smelling.  When she lays her head on my shoulder or in my lap mid-playtime.  Other times, I can't believe that this almost-walking, laughing, playful, talking, little one so full of personality was inside of me less than a year ago.  She is doing things like pointing at things, asking "this?"....throwing food on the floor (followed by laughing)....hiding under furniture and shrieking with laughter when you "find" her....dancing to music....clapping her hands....looking at me and doing the opposite of what I tell her to....actually playing with toys....eating anything and everything...looking at books... I am just amazed at how much she is learning.  I say that every month, but I have really felt in the last few weeks that my baby is growing up, and she won't be a baby much longer!

We had a few changes this month....biggest one was finally dropping the morning and evening nursing sessions.  I was sad to see them end, but it was honestly a quick transition.  It was Natalie's choice - she lost interest in it, and didn't want to latch on for more than a couple of minutes.  That led to a short nursing session, followed by a bottle; it made sense to just call it quits.  Bittersweet.  I'm glad she and I made it through 11 months of it.  I had really wanted to nurse through the end of the winter (extra immune boost through the germy months?), but it's ok.

We are working on a couple of more teeth.  Still sleeping great.  Getting close to the walking thing - but I can definitely wait!  She has really good balance and control - which is nice because she doesn't seem to wipe out/get hurt very often (knock on wood).  She is getting so big!  She has grown a lot, and is exclusively wearing 12 month clothes.  Some of those are already getting snug, so I can see us moving onto 18 months before we know it.  She's about given up baby food (yay!) so she is mostly eating table food.  I am glad I won't have to keep buying baby food!  Much easier to just give her what we are eating.

Our busy little life marches on, but I'm glad I can slow down a little each month and reflect on the past month with Natalie.  I'm sorry that my blogging has been sporadic lately - new & exciting things happening around here.  I hope I can share SOON what has been keeping me so busy! :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Up - to - the - Date!

**Warning....Totally random post tonight...**

So...I put the cutie in a headband this week.
 You can see how she felt about that...
Little Miss Personality these days.  She just makes me laughA lot.  She is funny and charming and so much fun.  I am enjoying just watching her grow these days.

But, seriously, her first birthday is next month.  Um, how the heck did that happen?  How can she be ONE???

Hands down - her favorite meal these days is spaghetti! 
Followed by a bath, of course.

2012 is treating us nicely so far. :)  Our budget is right on track.  Are you familiar with Dave Ramsey?  His book is really inspiring & motivating!  We are following his Total Money Makeover, and it has made a big difference already in how we spend and monitor our money.  Although, now that the first month is coming to a close (we run our budget starting and ending on the 20th of the month), my cash envelopes are looking very tattered and torn.  I'm thinking of making something like this that I can use month after month.  Anyone else use a cash system?  How do you manage it?
Pinned Image

Or maybe fabric??
Pinned Image

We are celebrating Mark's birthday this weekend, along with some other family January birthdays.  Then, it's time to get serious about the little ones b-day.  Theme....VINTAGE!  Can't wait!  I found a precious old wooden highchair at a cute vintage shop this weekend.  Not big enough for her to sit in - more of a doll size....but it is going to look really cute as the centerpiece on the table.  I am planning to just do some appetizers/finger foods, then cupcakes and ice cream.  Any good ideas for appetizers I can make ahead of time?  I don't want to be messing with food on the day of the party...

We aren't planning to get Natalie a gift....her party is kind of her present.  But, how cute is this hanky idea?
Pinned Image
To use for her "something old" some day.  Her daddy says... "What!?  She's not getting married...ever!  Or, at least until she's 30."  Ha!

This girl is getting adventurous with her moves these days.  She really wants to take steps, but hasn't figured out how to do it once she lets go!  She'll stand up, put her hands in the air, and lean forward like she wants to take one...then chicken out and plop down on her bottom.  She is walking like crazy along furniture though!

Lastly, one to make you smile:

This concludes the random little life update.  Thanks for reading! :)