Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Up - to - the - Date!

**Warning....Totally random post tonight...**

So...I put the cutie in a headband this week.
 You can see how she felt about that...
Little Miss Personality these days.  She just makes me laughA lot.  She is funny and charming and so much fun.  I am enjoying just watching her grow these days.

But, seriously, her first birthday is next month.  Um, how the heck did that happen?  How can she be ONE???

Hands down - her favorite meal these days is spaghetti! 
Followed by a bath, of course.

2012 is treating us nicely so far. :)  Our budget is right on track.  Are you familiar with Dave Ramsey?  His book is really inspiring & motivating!  We are following his Total Money Makeover, and it has made a big difference already in how we spend and monitor our money.  Although, now that the first month is coming to a close (we run our budget starting and ending on the 20th of the month), my cash envelopes are looking very tattered and torn.  I'm thinking of making something like this that I can use month after month.  Anyone else use a cash system?  How do you manage it?
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Or maybe fabric??
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We are celebrating Mark's birthday this weekend, along with some other family January birthdays.  Then, it's time to get serious about the little ones b-day.  Theme....VINTAGE!  Can't wait!  I found a precious old wooden highchair at a cute vintage shop this weekend.  Not big enough for her to sit in - more of a doll size....but it is going to look really cute as the centerpiece on the table.  I am planning to just do some appetizers/finger foods, then cupcakes and ice cream.  Any good ideas for appetizers I can make ahead of time?  I don't want to be messing with food on the day of the party...

We aren't planning to get Natalie a gift....her party is kind of her present.  But, how cute is this hanky idea?
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To use for her "something old" some day.  Her daddy says... "What!?  She's not getting married...ever!  Or, at least until she's 30."  Ha!

This girl is getting adventurous with her moves these days.  She really wants to take steps, but hasn't figured out how to do it once she lets go!  She'll stand up, put her hands in the air, and lean forward like she wants to take one...then chicken out and plop down on her bottom.  She is walking like crazy along furniture though!

Lastly, one to make you smile:

This concludes the random little life update.  Thanks for reading! :)


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