Saturday, December 31, 2011

Buh-Bye 2011

Looking back, I'm not sure how the past year has gone so fast!  A LOT has happened within our family over the past 365 days.  Last New Year's Eve, I was hugely pregnant with six weeks until the arrival of our baby girl.  We took a trip to Target to spend some baby shower gift cards, and purchased our stroller and carseat.  Mark spent the evening putting it together, then we watched movies and cuddled on the couch - which is pretty much what we do every year.  This year we attempted a family get together....but had to leave at 8:30 since my BABY WILL NOT SLEEP ANYWHERE THAT ISN'T HER BEDROOM.  Ugh.  So - here we are, snuggled up on the couch, as per our usual tradition.  Truth be told - I like it. :)

I normally look back at the past year with nostalgia and reverence and fondness.  2011 has not been our year.  We are both more than happy to push it right out the door, and ready to embrace 2012.  Of course, Natalie's birth and learning to be a momma was life-changing and wonderful and lovely and I will always hold this year in my heart as a special one.  But the stress, sadness, worry, and burdens of the past year have taken us to our limit.

Mark's eye injury and subsequent 7 surgeries took a toll on all of us this year.  After a recent appointment, Mark found out that due to the location of his scar tissue, he cannot have the final surgery to replace his lens and restore any vision.  He will be legally blind in that eye for life, and the appearance of his eye is obviously permanent as well.  Although this news was disappointing, Mark was relieved to have some closure after almost a year of pain, surgeries, eye appointments, and time off work.

Additionally we had various home "emergencies" this year (such as a termite invasion, plumbing problems, car break-down, etc.) - add that to the huge medical bills we incurred from an unexpected 8-day stay in the hospital with Natalie's birth - and 2011 dealt us a nice chunk of debt.  Our biggest "resolution" (if you want to call it that) is to become debt-free in 2012.  We have started the Dave Ramsey plan, and are looking forward to losing the stress and worry raincloud that has followed us around this year. 

I have struggled with returning to work and learning to balance work and mommy-hood and being a good wife.  I have not felt like I have done any of them well to say the least.  Guilt has been my new companion.  Second-guessing and anxiety and always feeling as though I'm not measuring up.  I will say good-bye to those feelings in the new year.  I am trying to put more faith in God, to put less pressure on myself, and trust in what His plan is for me and my family.

I feel that 2012 is a fresh start, and there is something rejuvenating about that.  Starting over, beginning again, striving to make it better than the year before.  I am SO READY to say good-bye to the bad memories of 2011, and take the good ones with me into the next year.  Welcome, 2012!  I'm glad you're here!

Some of the GOOD highlights from 2011:

January -  Snow days, finishing Natalie's room.

February - Our lovely daughter arrives.

March - Baby's first bath!

April - Natalie learns to sleep through the night. :)  First family Easter.

May - Celebrated Mother's Day with my momma and sisters...a really nice girls' day!

June - Mark's first Father's Day.  Our 3rd wedding anniversary. 
July - Celebrating our Freedom.

August - Natalie turns half a year!

September - Solid food. :) Whisper Walk.

October - Pumpkin Patch

November - Thanksgiving.  Crawling!

December - First Christmas

Thankful for these moments...looking forward to many more in the next year.  Happy New Year to you and yours!


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