Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas....Part One

Wow, I have A LOT to share about our Christmas!  Thought I'd quickly post today about a couple of things.

I was intent on her having a special outfit to wear....I know, seems silly.  But I do love to sew, and I wanted to find some time to make her something for her first Christmas.  I set out for the fabric store as soon as I was off work for winter break - but I couldn't find any traditional red and green fabric that I liked.  I did find this beautiful turquoise fabric with pink poinsettas on it - perfect!  I love these colors together.

I got the pattern for the pants here.  They were so easy - and the measurements were perfect for Natalie's size.  I didn't have to adjust anything.  I had envisioned ruffle pants all along, and when I saw the pattern I had to have it!  I was able to make my own pattern for the top....I took her measurements and made it first with some plain white fabric that I had.  I wanted to make sure I had it right before using the fabric I bought.  I only purchased the bare minimum.  I made this outfit with 1 3/4 yards of fabric -- about $8 worth!

Of course, I finished sewing the buttons on it ON Christmas Day.  I am the queen of last-minute project these days.  Including this one...
Natalie's stocking.  I actually had good intentions of finishing this a long time ago.  I ordered it November 1st, and thought that would be PLENTY of time to get it done.  When I was a baby, my mom made me a felt applique stocking - I still have it and hang it up every Christmas.  I wanted to make one for Natalie, too.  I got in a little over my head - this darn thing took me about 40 hours of hand sewing and beading!  I "finished" it on Christmas Eve. :)  I say "finished" because it's actually not completely done.  The snowman is supposed to be holding a lollipop in each hand, and there is also supposed to be a large candy cane hanging from the top with Natalie's name on it.  I am hoping to get those done next before next Christmas.  But, this was "done enough"...
(Natalie with her new toothbrush that was in her stocking -- one of her favorite gifts I think...)

Be back soon with more!

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  1. Adorable outfit! I'm pretty sure Riley's favorite gift was her toothbrush, too.