Sunday, January 29, 2012

Busy Weekend

We've had a busy weekend.  Not the kind of busy like when we're running errands, cleaning house, attending events, or having people over.  A different kind of busy....chasing an almost-one-year-old busy.

Our girl is crazy busy these days.  Opening cabinets & drawers, sliding behind furniture, bookin' it down the hallway and into a different room before I can see where she's gone.  Pulling trash out of trash cans, reaching for things on tabletops, and grabbing dishes out of the dishwasher as fast as I can load it.  Seems to be getting very hard to get things done around here lately...

This look?  It's the I didn't do it look that she gives me after she throws food on the floor.

Natalie's new moves had daddy installing cabinet locks this weekend, and mommy closing bedroom doors in an attempt to keep her contained.  I know she is learning and exploring, but she is wearing me out!

She even took her first few steps this weekend!  She walked 5 or 6 steps to my mom a couple of times, but of course by the time I got the video camera out, she'd only take one or two....oh well.  I'm sure we will get more steps on video soon! 

Thankfully, all of this exploring leaves our little one completely tuckered out by the end of the day.  Looks so peaceful when she's sleeping.

Happy weekend, friends.  Another busy week ahead of us! :)


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