Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 3

Weight Loss/Gain: Down 2 pounds this week!  Bringing the grand total to 7 pounds so far.

Best Part of this Week:  I had a big Easter meal at my mom's at the beginning of the week, and I didn't even skip any of the good stuff. :)  Gotta have a cheat-treat every once in awhile!  Mmmm....carrot cake.

Worst Part of this Week:  Mark had to work nights this week, so that put me in "single parent" mode.  It was really hard to deal with the baby/house/meals by myself - I guess mostly because I'm not used to it.  My honey is so good about helping me out in the evenings, and taking care of the little one when I want to work in a run.  I was missing that big time this week!  I only got 3 workouts in, so I had to adjust my eating accordingly.  And...big props to all the single mommas out there!  Don't know how you do it!

Exercise:  Treadmill three time this week with interval workouts.  Trying to work in some high-intensity intervals during my walking/jogging/running to boost the calorie-burn.  Seemed to be effective this week since I had less workouts than less week, but more loss.  I need to start working in some strength training as well, so I did one workout that included some abs and arms.

Goals for next week:  4 workouts, plus some strength exercise as well!  I will post some progress pics when I lose my first 10!


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