Sunday, November 7, 2010

25 Weeks

Baby Girl is growing...and Mommy is too. :)

Baby is the size of:  a rutabaga....whatever that is!
Sleep:  okay - not great, not terrible.
Cravings:  milk, Mexican food
Symptoms:  heartburn/indigestion, achy back

Milestones:  Daddy is feeling more kicks this week, and I feel her moving constantly.  Baby is still nameless, and I think I'm just going to stop worrying about it for now.  We'll figure it out later!
All of our baby showers are scheduled, and my first one is in just two weeks!  Actually all 5 (yes, five!) of my showers will take place before Christmas, so I'm glad her room is almost done.
Walls are painted...this isn't the best pic to show the color, but it's Sherwin Williams "Tame Teal".  Honey will finish the trim this week.
Also, her crib is put together!  Here it is in progress:

We put it together in the living room where there was more space.  Then when we tried to carry it down the hall and into the nursery, we couldn't get it in. :)  So Daddy had to disassemble part of it to get it in the room.  That was a learning experience....ha!

I'm getting anxious for my upcoming Thanksgiving break so I can get some things done.  I haven't had a day off (other than weekends, of course) since Labor Day.  I can't wait for that Wed., Thurs., Fri. to get here!  I am wanting to get my tree up and get started on my Christmas shopping.

The week ahead is busy at school.  I have to be honest, this school year has been a little difficult for me.  I'm so tired when I get home, and the kids seems to drain me of all my energy by the end of the day.  (Preparation for what's to come, I guess??)  I have a very sweet group of kids and parents this year, it's just that with all of these changes in my personal life, it's hard to balance both.  That makes me worried for when the little girl is here and our family is different.  My priorities may change a little.  I am so used to putting in a lot of long hours and bringing work home with me.  Even this year with me being pregnant, it has been harder to bring the same level of committment that I have in the past.  I'm still enjoying teaching, I can just see that things are shifting...


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  1. You will be an amazing teacher no matter what. You put in 150% so when baby's here, you'll be putting in 100-110%- still amazing. :) LOVE the wall color- beautiful. That is a hoot about the crib. That will totally be Chris and I.