Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hitting a Wall

That's right, folks.  I've officially hit the whole "over this pregnancy" phase.  I've heard women talk of this day, when they go from loving pregnancy to hating it....and people, I'm there.

Yes, I'm being whiny.  But don't you think I'm allowed to be a little whiny at 30 1/2 weeks? 

So far, I have had an easy pregnancy.  Walk in the park.  Three or four weeks of nausea at the beginning, but no vomiting.  Yes, a little tired at the beginning, but the second trimester was a breeze!  As I went into week 20, I was so happy to be "showing" and growing a little belly.  I have relished all of the flutters, kicks, and rolls as baby girl has moved around more and more.  I was excited about wearing maternity clothes and baby bump pictures.  Overall, baby and mommy have been healthy and happy.  I've been extremely thankful for that!  But I think the honeymoon is over....

I'm tired.  I mean REALLY tired.  As in, don't want to do anything after I get home each night.  This results in an ever-growing to-do list that never seems to get any shorter.  I'm fat (30 POUNDS gained!!! YIKES!).  So much for keeping that under control.  Unfortunately, I'm not one of the cute little pregnant girls who gets a belly...I'm growing "baby" in my belly, butt, and face.  My feet hurt, my back hurts.  I can't roll over at night without a running start at it. I have to pee 15,000 times a day.  And now, this week, it seems I can't even sit comfortably, as I have a baby taking up residence in my rib cage.  AND all I hear these days is things like "Wow, you are getting big", and "You stil have 10 weeks to go?" as if I were unaware of this.


Am I still over the moon about a baby girl getting here in 10 weeks?  Absolutely!  Do I sit in her nursery and smile at all of her tiny pink clothes?  Yes!  Am I still thanking God each day for blessing me with this baby?  Of course! 
However, I'm ready to meet her and hold her and go from "pregnant" to "mommy".  Hurry up little one!

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  1. Hang in there friend...she will be here before you know it. And for the record I don't think you look big at all. I was just saying the other day how happy I was we were both looking so good pregnant. This summer you will be so busy being a mommy, most of that weight will melt away without you ever realizing it was there. I hope you get to feeling better and maybe get a second wind of energy and nesting over break. Love you lots and thinking of you often!!

    Jenn Ryan