Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We had a wonderful holiday with family this year.  It was very laid back....just our style....and for the first time in six years I feel that we finally have all this "my family", "your family" stuff worked out.  Now, it's just "our family"!  We celebrate with Mark's side on Christmas Eve, and my side on Christmas Day, and it works out great.  We went low-key on gifts this year as well....I just don't see why we need to go crazy with presents!  Little girl, however, was spoiled with lovely things at each Christmas celebration.

On Christmas Eve we went to Mark's grandma's house.  Here are some of my favorite pics from that night:

Cute hubby!  Love this guy...

My father-in-law & me.  Love him too...

Cute baby #1:  Tristan
Cute baby #2:  Parker
Cute baby #3:  Abby

I love being around kiddos on Christmas!  They are so fun and entertaining to be around....we all just sit around watching them, laughing and smiling.  Next year, we'll have our own little cutie to throw in the mix!  That mind entered my mind often this holiday will be so different to have our little familiy of three next year!

Christmas Day we went to my sisters.  More cute kids, more good food, more fun time with family...
G and her American Girl Doll "Lainey".  I've seen her a couple of times since Christmas....and I'm yet to see her without this doll in her arms.  She LOVES it!

This little love with all of his dinosaurs and monster trucks. 

RJ....or "Mr. Serious" as I like to call him.  He laid on the floor forever watching his cars go around and around and around on the track that Mimi got him.

My love and me (aka b.i.g. m.o.m.m.a.)

So many great memories, and a great year this year!  Now I'm ready to get all this Christmas stuff put away and get my house back in order!  However, I am NOT ready to end my winter break and go back to school.  It has been so nice to have time off and get things done at home and take naps.  :)  4 more days to enjoy until it's back to the real world!


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