Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hustle Bustle

Sunday evening is quiet....compared to the hustle and bustle of the weekend around here.

We worked on Christmas shopping on Friday night.  I am so behind this year!  Luckily, we are not buying much, and we got most of it done....including a trip to Toys R Us, which is always an adventure.  Why does it always seems like it is 100 degrees in there?  I think they want children to scream and throw tantrums.  That way, their parents just buy things quickly, regardless of the price, so they can get out of there!

I cleaned my house on Saturday morning -- it was in desperate need, and I actually had the energy to do it.  I always feel good when it's done.

Saturday afternoon we had a baby shower.  Still bringing home lots of cute and sweet things for our baby girl!

This is my "Honey, it's not pink!" face:
    On Saturday night, my honey came down with a fever, and has been sick ever since.  So, I've been trying to nurse him and also stay away from him - because I don't need to get sick right now!  That means I have to sleep in the guest room.  It is lonely in there!  I am so used to sleeping next to him that I actually have a hard time getting to sleep without him.
    Sunday was relaxing!  I had a craft-ernoon to work on some TOP SECRET baby things for my best friend's baby shower.  Then I made my all-time favorite Christmas treat:
     These are so simple.  I'm not sure why I only make them at Christmas time.  I was craving them, so I picked up the almond bark and the pretzels....and, voila! instant yumminess! This weekend also brought another milestone:  30 weeks!  I can't believe it!  WARNING:  bare belly!
    How far along:  30 Weeks
    Baby is the size of: a head of cabbage (15.7 inches long, almost 3 pounds!)
    Sleep:  Can I skip this category?  I hope I see some better nights before she gets here!
    Cravings:  All week I've been thinking about a big, hot, salty pretzel from Auntie Anne's.  However, I never go to the it may be awhile before I give in to this one.
    Symptoms:  Backache, some crampiness, fatigue
    Milestones:  Hmmm....can't think of any for this week.  Got the crib mattress?  Baby's room is getting closer to being done.
     Well, a large stack of papers and a red pen are calling my name.  Gotta get my Sunday evening grading done, and get some things ready for the week ahead.  Have a great one, everybody!

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