Monday, June 6, 2011

Dancing Queen

Saturday night I had the pleasure of going to this sweet girl's dance recital.
We left the baby at home, along with Grace's little brother (little brothers don't enjoy dance recitals....they'd rather play cars with Uncle Mark).

As I watched this little beauty up on the stage, I teared up a little thinking about how she's grown so fast before my very eyes.  Seems like just yesterday that I was watching her scream her head off as a baby, or crack me up as a spunky two-year-old.  I remember driving home from college on the weekends and stopping at my sister's house first, because I couldn't go one more minute without seeing my sweet little niece.  I've always thought of Grace as being partly "mine" too, and I have loved watching her grow over the years.  Okay, okay - enough mushy stuff, right?!  On to the recital!

I took a TON of pictures - Karen and Todd teased me afterwards because all they could hear through the whole number was my camera furiously clicking away behind them.  Here are my favorites.  Sadly, my camera battery died (nnnooooooo!!!!) before the ending number where Grace and her daddy danced together.  This was a real tragedy, as it was sooo cute....and now I don't have proof of Todd prancing around on stage.

Our little ballerina...

I love you Grace Elizabeth!!!!  You were fabulous!

P.S.  When this girl goes to prom, and graduates, and goes off to college, and gets married, and has babies....I'll be the one still clicking away on my camera.....and also crying hysterically.

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  1. Grace is just BEAUTIFUL. How lucky she is to have you as an aunt!