Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 Months!

My sweet little girl is four months old today!  Getting more and more beautiful by the day (if that's even possible...)

Natalie is growing and changing and learning more each day.  Lately she has started reaching out for toys and mommy's face/hair.  She is scooting and rolling all over the place!

She is developing even more personality, and we spend a lot of time laughing and smiling each day.

She can be serious and studious at times....she likes to hold things and look at them carefully.  Her favorite thing right now is her toes!  She can't get enough of 'em.  She looks at them, and talks to them, and giggles at them.  Such a good friend, those toes are...

 Everything goes in her mouth these days, especially her hands.
Her big blue eyes get me every time.  This girl has mommy totally wrapped around her little finger.

 Peace, yo!

 Mom, not more pictures...  She can be a drama queen sometimes.  Especially when I burp her (of all things!)  I always burp her halfway through a feeding, and she squeals and throws her head back and screams!

I love these two pictures, even though they are blurry....we were tickling and giggling. :)

At four months, Natalie is sleeping 9-10 hours a night.  She naps often throughout the day (I call her "sleepy-bug")....usually an hour in the morning, 2-3 hours in the afternoon, and another hour in the evening.  **This is the norm, but as I type she is talking in her crib instead of napping...hmmm.

She is still eating every four hours, nursing five times a day.  I find this to be precious time with her.  We can be alone, and snuggle and kiss and talk.  No matter how busy the day is, for 10 minutes the world slows down and we can just breathe and be together without any other distractions.  The girl does know how to be hungry right when mommy wants to eat, but that's okay.  She is so easy-going and a very happy girl. 

These days, Natalie is loving:
*her TOES
*sucking on her hands and her clothes
*drooling - the child can soak through 3 or 4 bibs a day!
*her pink poodle and blue elephant toys
*car rides
*smiling and laughing
*looking at books
*mommy and daddy!

We go to the doctor tomorrow for Natalie's 4-month well baby visit.  Shots. :( Boo.  I am anxious to see how much she's grown -- I think she's a little on the smaller side, but we'll see.

This angel continues to be the light of our lives.  She makes each day bright, and constantly reminds me of an awesome and loving Heavenly Father...only he could have made such a beautiful blessing.  And the fact that we get to be a part of her life makes me eternally grateful.
I love you Natalie Grace!!!