Thursday, June 2, 2011


The bestie and her baby boy came over to play today.  This is what Natalie thought about that....

Yes, we LOVE it when they come over!

The babies had blanket time while the mommies talked....and talked....and talked.  That's what we do best!
Look how big baby Jackson is!  He is just about Natalie's size, but is 7 weeks younger.  What a chunk!  And these cheeks.....yummy.

On the discussion docket today: being working mommies, budgets, family, diapers, decorating, baby weight, photography, and SO much more.  I need days like this sometimes....with someone else who is going through the same thing as you, ya know?  My husband is great, and I love talking with him at the end of each day.  But there is something indescribable about connecting with your best friend about celebrations and frustrations and life.....and she just gets you.  I hope all of you have a best friend like this --- it makes life so much better!

Beautiful best friend - I love you and your sweet little boy!  Thanks for coming to play today!

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  1. What a sweet sweet post, brought tears to my eyes. I love hanging out with you guys, it feeds my soul!