Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Favorites

Not much to say tonight....just sharing some favorite moments from the week.  It's been a rough one!  Husband working nights.  Baby is teething (I think...).  I don't know how else to explain her uncharacteristic fussiness.  This means Mommy's evenings are not the best. 

Still had some bright spots, though.  My favorite photos from the week:

Being outside always calms this baby down.  Freshly bathed, clean jammies, enjoying the cool evening air.

Cousin RJ came over to visit.  Is there anything yummier than sweet little boy eyelashes??

Here he is telling Natalie "I'm the baby!"

Then he decided that he did, in fact, kind of like Natalie today.  So he wanted to tickle her. :)

When  he tickles, he shrieks "tickle, tickle, tickle!"

Today I put Natalie in her Jenny Jump-Up because she's finally getting big enough.  She looks tiny in it!
And I think this is proof of her teething.  She enjoyed chewing on the edge of you see the slobber dripping down it?!

TGIF, friends!  Enjoy your weekend!


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