Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good Company

They had me at hello-blue-bicycle-in-the-window...

And, of course, the sign that said "vintage".  Because if you know me at all, you know I love, love, love all things vintage. 

This little store has been calling my name for a few weeks.  I drive by it every once and awhile, enticed by the sign and the twinkling white Christmas lights in the window.  However, it never seemed to be open when I drove by.  A mystery....

Finally I looked them up online and learned that they are only open two weekends a month, Friday and Saturday from 10-4.  And this weekend was one of those weekends!  So I snuck away from the husband and baby for an hour to go explore this quaint little shop.

Oh, my.

A charming mixture of old, new, and repurposed.

These friendly little guys were grinning at me as I walked in the door.  Who doesn't love a brightly colored gnome?!

 I wandered around and admired the trinkets and jewelry and dishes and candles....the "pretties" as I like to call them.

One of these candle holders may or may not have come home with me -- for the bargain price of $12!  Yes, I know, I  know, I just blogged about saving money....but at least it was a good deal. :)  I easily could have come home with half the store, but I did manage to control myself.

 Look at these cute crossword puzzle wellies!

If you live in the KC area, you have to go check out this cute little place.  They serve lunch as well, and host dinner parties on Saturday nights.  And, they sell cupcakes.

If you want to learn more about "Good Company", check out their website.  And if you go, invite me to go with you!

Have a great Saturday!  Tonight is Grace's dance recital, so check back later this weekend for pictures!


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