Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cross it off, baby!

I think one of the main reasons I make lists is the ridiculous satisfaction I get from crossing things off.  I've even been known to write something on the to-do list that's already been done, just so I can cross it off.  Weird, huh?

Anyway, I posted earlier in the month about a few things I wanted to accomplish in June.  Happy to say, I've accomplished all most of them!

1.  Declutter the house.  This is the one that I seem to have the hardest time with.  As soon as I clear out clutter in one place, it shows up somewhere else.  I'm not sure I'll ever be able to win against the clutterbug.  However, I did get things put away in the I'd have to give myself partial credit for that one.
2.  Find daycare for Natalie.   Yay!!!
3.  Save money.  Ongoing battle.  We've definitely cut back and stayed on track with limiting our meals out.
4.  Summerize my living room shelves.  Done!  See below!

Here's the overall picture of my living room built-ins:

Close ups of some of the details....

Okay, so they are not all that different than my spring decor.  But, I am proud of myself for finally putting away the bunnies and easter eggs.  Plus, I told you I was trying to use only things around the house - hence the abundance of seashells....

Now that I've accomplished those things, time to think about July.  Here are my goals for next month:
1.  Clean out my closet.  I still have maternity clothes hanging out in there.  Okay, okay.  I still wear some of my maternity clothes.  *blush*  I can't help it!  They are stretchy and comfy and the tops are nice and long!  I can definitely pack up the pants and work blouses though...
2.  Deep clean the finished part of the basement.  Usually by the time I get through the rest of my chores for the week, I don't have the energy to lug the vaccuum and cleaning supplies down to our basement.  That means that the bathroom hasn't been cleaned and the floor hasn't been vaccuumed since before Natalie was born.  Like way before.  That's embarrassing...
3.  Make baby food.  Oh boy.  I really have been thinking about getting started on making baby food and freezing it for the fall when we'll actually use it.  Since I have time to research it and do it this summer, why not?  I know it is much cheaper and very nutritious for baby!  If you have made baby food before - give me some tips!
4.  Get caught up on Natalie's scrapbook.... Not sure that this will happen - but I'll sure try!  Gotta catch-up on her first year book, as well as the traditional scrapbook of her professional photos taken by Kendall.

Okay, I'm gonna limit my goals to four.  Not because I'm lazy....but because I think that's about all I can handle.  The last half of July I usually start working on getting things ready for the upcoming school year - so that will be taking up some of my time as well.

Lastly, I have to brag - my sweet girl rolled from her back to her belly today!  Grabbed her little toes, rolled to her side, then right on over onto her tummy like she's been doing it her whole life.  How can she possibly be growing this fast!?  I can't take it!

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  1. I LOVE your decorating taste, Jenny! BEAUTIFUL! Wish you lived at my house!! I'd love to hear any tips for saving money!!