Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some Days

I have a beautiful baby, a great husband, a wonderful family, a job I enjoy (especially when it's summer!), a nice home, and many other blessings.  I can't complain.

But some days....yeesh.  They aren't so beautiful and rosy and sweet.

You know how it goes:
- There are six loads of laundry piled up...yet instead of doing laundry, I avoid it and blog instead.  OR take pictures of the baby.  Both worthy uses of my time if you ask me....
- The baby spits up such much in one day that I have changed her outfit three times and my outfit twice.  Then she poops on the fourth outfit.  And me.
- The entire time I am grocery shopping I am debating about whether to focus on healthy food or staying on budget.  'Cause you can't do both, sister.  So I'm either going to be rich/fat or poor/skinny....hmmm...
- The hubs and I aren't getting along.  We love each other always, but you know that means we don't always like each other.  For example, my darling husband does his own laundry (score!) but seems completely incapable of putting it away....so it will sit folded in a laundry basket for 3+ weeks (boo!).
- I've been stuck in the house for a week straight....and if I have to watch daytime TV for another day I'll go crazy.
-I fall up - yes up - the stairs...or stub my toe on the coffee table....or spill my drink.  Clumsiness is annoying.
- I experience what my sister has cleverly nicknamed the "crap-alanche".  You know, where one crappy things leads to another, and another, and another.  When you finally stop, you realize that what you set out to accomplish actually took you 3 hours instead of one.  Here's my most recent "crap-alanche":  Baby poops (surprise!).  I go to change diaper and there is poop up to her armpits.  Strip her down and rinse out poop clothes.  Sanitize sink where poop clothes were just rinsed.  Put baby in nice warm bath. Baby pees in the tub.  Dump out and refill tub.  Finish bath and put jammies on the baby.  Baby spits up on the jammies - as in all over the jammies.  Change jammies.  ONE HOUR LATER - hand baby to husband who says "What took you so long?"  REALLY?!?! 

I could go on and on (and on).  This is life I suppose.  Ups and downs.  Highs and lows.  Ebbs and flows.

Luckily,  the high points keep me going and keep me thankful for all I have.  Because I have a lot to be grateful for.
Things like sweet little paci faces.
And yummy baby toes.

Life is good.  Sometimes it gets to me -- but most of time -- it really is everything I ever dreamed of.

(Ok readers - you know you've totally experienced the "crap-alanche" -- what was yours??)


  1. Love your honesty. We've all been there...at our house we call a crap-alanche a crap-fest! These are the days you wish had a "fast-forward to bedtime" button.

  2. Love the honest you've been posting lately!