Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This and That

I love this girl.

5 minutes earlier, she was in tears.  However, if you pull out a camera, this sweet face appears instantaneously.  She is well-trained. :)

It's been a good week. This is what a great day at school looks like:

That's my to-do list for the day.  With Everything. Crossed. Off. (Well, almost.) VICTORY!  This doesn't happen often people.  It has been a productive week, and I am thankful for that.

I ventured to Home Goods tonight, determined to find bedding for the guest room.  You see, we can't pick paint until we have bedding.  And we can't paint the baby's room until we paint the guest room.  And I dont' want to order the crib until the room is painted.  So, bedding was the first step.  I've been looking around online and in stores, and just haven't found what I was looking for.  Mind you, I didn't know what I was looking for.  I told Mark that I would "know it when I saw it".  This was met with the usual confused head shake....

Tonight, I found IT.  It was only $35!  Woohoo!

Isn't it pretty?  I knew I wanted a quilt...I had some cream-colored quilted pillow shams already that will go with this.  So, I just need to find some decorative pillows and maybe a couple of lamps.  We aren't going to do a ton with the room, but I do want it to look semi-put-together.

Then it was off to Home Depot.  I don't know why we continue to shop is bad experience after bad experience.  I wanted to get some paint samples mixed up.  I am notorious for getting paint on the wall and then deciding I don't like it, so now I am only allowed to approve paint once a sample has been applied to the wall. 

Of course there is one person working in the paint department, and he is in an aisle helping a man who doesn't speak English.  There are 5 other people waiting at the paint counter to be helped.  Now, I don't mind waiting....when there are lots of people all at once, I understand you can only help one at a time.  Here's what really got me -- 5 Home Depot employees schlepped by, glanced at the growing line of customers, and continued on their merry ways!  RUDE!  Even if you don't work in that department, could you not say "Thanks for your patience, I'll see if I can get someone else into this department to help."  Or, perhaps they could come and help themselves!?  Nope, they just crawl by and don't say a word.

Well, perhaps pregnancy makes you crazy -- I set out to find a manager.  Not to complain, but to give some feedback about the employees in the store.  HELLLOOOOO -- courtesy goes a long way when you have to wait for something.  Duh, people!  I thought this was common knowledge!

Lesson learned -- we'll be going to Sherwin Williams to purchase the paint for the guest room and nursery.

And....only 4 1/2 days until SONOGRAM day!  But who's counting...


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