Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Ramblings...

Well, another week begins.  I feel as if I have 100 things circulating through my brain at all times.  Is that pregnancy?  Perhaps I was always this way, but now it is heightened.

This weekend Jenn came over and indulged me in all things BABY.  Jenn, my husband thanks you!  We looked at nursery ideas, researched strollers, laughed at various baby names, and guessed about boy/girl.  Sometimes you just need a best friend for these kinds of things...husband is not quite so interested -- although he has great intentions.  I saw a book at the library called "She's Having a Baby - I Don't Get It" It was a first-time dad's guide to pregnancy.  Ha!  Sounds like my poor husband...he just seems a bit confused about all I'm going through.  So, I'm thankful for days with best friends so he doesn't have to listen to me ramble about baby names, paint colors, cleaning out the closet, or carseats.

Shelves in the living room are slowly but surely coming to an end.  I feel like I've been saying that for weeks, but now the very last step is the crown molding.  I guess hubby has to borrow a certain tool from a friend to cut the molding, so I will try to be patient.  I'm anxious to get out all of my fall things and decorate!  I'm hoping by the end of the month that pumpkins will have taken up residence around here.

Funny story at school -- today was the first day since school has started that I've worn my glasses to school.  I normally wear contacts, but have been having some trouble with my eyes lately.  I decided to give them a break from contacts and wore my glasses today.  My kiddos came in a looked at me like I was some kind of alien.  I was immediately bombarded with "Why are you wearing glasses?"  "Did you get new glasses?"  "Did something happen to your eyes?"  I actually had to stop during my Monday Morning Meeting to explain WHY I was wearing glasses.  2nd graders are so funny!  They notice everything about me - which shouldn't be surprising I guess.  They do look at me each and every day, all day long.  They often notice things like a new pair of earring or shoes, when I paint my toenails a different color, and a bandaid on my finger.  Makes me a little self-conscious!

Thinking of making a baby quilt -- because I definitely need one more thing on my plate.  However, I'm starting to get quite sentimental about the little nugget, and think a quilt would be a fun project since I love to sew.  Problem = I don't know how to quilt.  Going to try to find some books at the library perhaps...and of course reading lots of blog tutorials.

That was a lot of rambling for a Monday.  But now I think I'm ready for bed.  Sorry, no pictures....that's no fun, is it?

You can click here to see what I'm hoping to tackle this fall as well -- a desk for the office/guest room.  What can I say?  My name is Jenny.  I'm addicted to projects.

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  1. Ok so I had a dream last night and I have been dying to tell you about it because it involves you...can't wait to tell you when you get out of school so I will spill the beans here. I had a dream that you had a little girl!!! The best part was...I remember what you guys named her in the dream. Drum Roll Please...Emma Kate Shinabargar. I know it is just a dream but best friends do have some intuition you know. LOL well I just thought that was too fun not to tell. Hope you enjoy!! Can't wait for another hang out day when we can indulge some more!!