Saturday, September 18, 2010

18 Weeks

Another week has flown by!  We are at 18 weeks now.  I'm not sure this picture does my baby bump justice...I think it looks much bigger in person. :)  People are starting to notice it, touch it, etc.  Why are people obsessed with pregnant women??  I'm happy at least that my little baby is loved so much already.
I feel more and more excited with each day that passes by.  We will find out SO soon if we are going to welcome a little boy or a little girl.  I hope the next 2 weeks go by quickly!
Here are this week's stats.
How far along:  18 weeks
Baby is the size of:  a sweet potato!
Sleep:  Sleeping like a rock every night, minus my midnight visit to the bathroom -- yes, I have to pee at almost exactly midnight every night!
Cravings:  root beer, cheese, and fruit (especially oranges)
Milestones:  I think I felt the baby move tonight!  We went to Red Lobster with my mom for dinner.  After eating an obscene amount of shrimp, I felt this weird flutter/tapping feeling just to the left of my belly button.  I kinda made a weird face and jumped a little -- and my mom asked me what was wrong.  I said "I think the baby likes shrimp!"  :)  I am hoping to feel the little nugget more soon!
Also, can only fit in maternity pants now.  Have even added a couple of maternity tops to my wardrobe....many of my regular shirts are getting harder and harder to make work. 

Started getting out fall decorations today....hope to post pics soon.  Hope you are having a great weekend!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Jenny, I LOVE following your blog! I craved fruit and cheese with Ellie so my guess is a girl! I don't know if you read on face book, but we are expecting again, but due in March. I get to find out in mid October what we're having...SO excited! So excited for you, long lost friend!