Sunday, September 19, 2010

Closet Masacre and Shelving REVEAL!

Have you ever started a small task, and it turns into a huge project?  That's what happened to me this morning.  What started as a simple job of putting away clean laundry turned into an all-out closet take-over.  Three hours later, I was happy with the result....and asking myself "How did I get myself into this again?"

It started simple -- I wanted to hang up some maternity clothes that my dear sister lent me, along with a couple of new shirts that I picked up at Old Navy yesterday (3 shirts for $12 total, courtesy of the clearance rack!).  I quickly realized that I didn't have enough hangers for my new finds, plus the basket of clean laundry that needed to be hung up as well.  So, I thought to myself I won't be able to wear any of these dress pants until at least next fall, so might as well pull these out and free up some space.
Goodbye dear friends.  Hopefully I will see you next year!

While I was at it, while not pull out some of my summery clothes and shirts that I also know I won't be able to make work for my expanding belly?  Might as well get these skirts out of here too.... basically anything with a waistline has to go!

(P.S. You know you are a teacher when over half of your skirts are denim....)

Then I just decided to pull out my shoes and reorganize those, get all of the empty shoe boxes out, and organize my small collection of purses.  Once I got everything out of the closet, I realized how dirty it was.  I had no choice but to pull out the vacuum and the dust rags and get it cleaned up.

Needless to say, I had plenty of hangers left at the end...

And here's the FINAL result, after all my hard work!
I'm not sure how I have so many clothes left in the closet after I removed 16 shirts, 8 skirts, and 18 pairs of pants..... good thing I have my own closet.  Honey keeps his clothes in the guest room. :)  Doesn't it look great?  I should have taken a before picture....I don't organize myclothes by color or anything, but trust me, this is a HUGE improvement.

And here is the result of my hard work from yesterday:
That's right folks!  The shelves are FINALLY DONE!!!  Mark finished the lighting and crown molding this week, so I was finally able to get busy decorating.  Still need something to go above the TV...

I've still been moving things around on these shelves -- they are HARD to decorate!  I'd have to place a few things, stand back, rearrange, stand back, rearrange again.  This is the result.  I'm going to stick with it for awhile.

Now I am going to spend my Sunday evening relaxing.  My weekend wore me out!


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