Sunday, May 27, 2012

15 Months

This month, our girl is 15 months old....seems we were just having her birthday last week, and now a whole three months has gone by!  We are enjoying her personality so much these days, I wish I could slow time down a little so we could have her at this age a little longer.

Her spunky side is really apparent these days.  She can be bossy and whiny and sassy and such a stinker!  But equally sweet and flirty and agreeable.

I am always telling Mark (and everyone else, for that matter) how smart she is!  New words this month include: "all done"(while signing), "dog", "baby", "up", "out", "hot", and "Daddy" (instead of da-da).  She will repeat some names if she's in the mood - this month she said "Jack" while pointing to his cute!

When asked, she can point to her nose, eyes, ears, tummy, toes, and we're working on belly button.  She also likes to stick her fingers in my eye and screech Eeeyyyyyeeesssss!!!  She gives hugs and kisses, and when I ask if she wants to go to bed, she will find paci and blankie and high-tail it to her bedroom.  She still likes playing with her baby - and now likes when I wrap baby up in a blanket for her to rock.  Anytime she has a sippy cup to drink from, she tried to "share" it with baby.
She will "sing" and do the actions to Twinke, Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider.  If you ask if she wants to sing a song, she will put her hands up and start doing actions before you even start singing.  She continues to love being read to, but now insists on sitting on your lap.  She will stand in front of you and back her way into your lap.  Love.  She also likes doing Ring Around the Rosy, and still loves peek-a-boo.  Such a playful little lady.  She adores playing outside, and loves the water.  She is also enjoying "helping" Mommy by putting things in the trash, picking up her toys to put in her toybox, watering the flowers, or carrying things.  I hope she always wants to be a little helper!
 Her 15-month appointment is this week, so I don't know how much she weighs.  I do know she has definitely gotten taller, and has moved completely into her 18 month clothes.  She still wears that darn size three shoe!  Her feet are tiny!
She sleeps great, about 12 hours usually....but has gotten into a habit of getting up around 6:30.  I don't blame her, that's the time I would wake her for daycare everyday.  She doesn't understand sleeping in...but I'm hoping with some "training" we can adjust her schedule for the summer.  Trying to work our way down to one nap, but not quite there yet.
People always ask me Is she always this happy?  Yes, she IS a happy little thing - but she can definitely let you know when she doesn't like something.  We're talking screaming, hitting, shaking her head back and forth and arching her back.  Mommy gets the point, Natalie.  But most of the time she is just wanting to be independent and do what she wants.  Part of being one, I suppose. 

Every single day she makes us laugh.  Her personality is so charming.  She makes funny faces and does silly things.  This week, she enjoyed putting her Easter bucket on her head and wearing it like a hat.  She also likes to hide behind or under things and then jump out.  She has learned to stick out her tongue, blow on her food when I tell her it is hot, and she likes to put on her daddy's shoes and try to walk around in them.  Also, anything can be a phone...she will hold it up to her ear and say "Hi-yo."  She just makes us smile all the time!
Here's some evidence of her stubbornness... I wanted a picture with her, but she didn't appreciate being interrupted from her playing - so she burst into tears and screaming.  But this got her smiling again....

We adore our girl!


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