Thursday, May 3, 2012

For Fun

Little lady makes me laugh.  She is our best form of entertainment these days!!
 She is so into holding her own food these days - a whole banana, a half a grilled-cheese sandwich, her own cob of corn....
 She will mess around and play and eat none of the food on her plate (that I have meticulously cut into little pieces)....until I hand her a whole piece of food off of my plate.  Then she'll go at it!
She gnawed on this ear of corn for a good 20 minutes.
 Every time she'd take a break from the chewing, she'd give us a huge grin and giggle.  She was so tickled with herself!
 And the reaction when Mommy took the corn away:
Hope that gave you a smile!  Such a little joy our girl is!


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