Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I have had such a lovely Mother's Day today.  Nothing fact, spent the whole day in my lounge clothes and a ponytail...just finally got my shower for the day and am snuggled up in jammies on the couch.  But these lazy days as a family make the best days. :)

Little lady woke Mommy up with her card, that daddy swears she picked out herself.  Included a gift certificate for a mani/pedi....which made this momma very happy.  Since we've been on this budget, I haven't spent money on that kind of thing, which means I haven't had a pedicure since my birthday.  In November.  I can't wait to go get pampered a little!

We ran some errands this morning, including a trip to get new phones.  We've been saving up for our phone upgrade since December (when we were actually eligible for it) and are now both owners of brand spankin' new iPhones - and we are so excited!  That was another nice little Mother's Day gift - and another splurge after months of sacrifice.

We had lunch at home, then off to the nursery to get flowers.  I had really wanted to get some flowers planted in my big pot on the front porch and my hanging basket.  But, after getting home, Natalie was ready for a nap....I decided to lay down and relax for awhile and ended up sleeping for 2 hours.  Now that was a treat!  I never take naps anymore...

 Daddy made dinner, then we went outside.  An absolutely beautiful evening, and Natalie had a ball playing with chalk, eating dirt, and lord have mercy when that hose came out - I thought she was going to lose it!  Giggles, sticking her face in the water....happy, happy baby girl!
(P.S. Already loving Instagram)

Ok - picture dump from our day. :)

Once she was doing more eating of the chalk than playing with the chalk - I had to take it away.  Let me tell you, not a pretty picture.  But she was too cute, and had chalk everywhere.  Face, clothes, feet, hands, mommy.

Next up....planting and watering the flowers.

I was just thinking last week about summer coming up, and wondering if Natalie would like the water, sprinkler, pool.  I think I got my answer. :)

Look at this filthy little thing!  She had a blast exploring and gettin' into the dirt and water.

I'm so happy today, and so thankful.  I am one completely blessed Mommy!

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