Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone!

I love Easter. Today was such a beautiful, sunny day. Mark and I got up and went to church to celebrate the wonderful holy reason for this day. Then we "made the rounds" as we usually do on holidays. I'm sure we won't do that forever, but now while we don't have any babies to tote around it is easy for us to get around and see all the family members for the holidays.

Here's some pictures from our Easter celebration at my mom's house last night.

Grace (7), Nick (3 1/2), RJ (20 months). I have the cutest niece and nephews!

What a handsome boy! He looks like the perfect mix of my sister Kate and her husband Richie. Such a cutie...

With all the craziness the past couple of days, I have had absolutely zero time to get downstairs to my craft room, which is a bummer. Also, the class I'm taking right now (Action Research) is taking up quite a bit of my extra time! I'm hoping later this week to get down there and whip something stay tuned!

I recently got a new cartridge for my cricut that has kitchen shapes on it -- so cute! Trying to think of what exactly I want to do with it. We remodeled the kitchen last spring, and my new kitchen has a kind of retro/vintage vibe to it, which I love.

Here's the only before picture I had...the cabinets were an unfinished oak with kind of creamy yellow walls.

Here's how it looked mid-way through while we were painting the cabinets....YIKES!  I get a little anxiety when things are out of order, so you can imagine how I was feeling at this point.  See that white stripe at the top on the soffet?  Look at the next picture to see what I did up there!

It became pink!  Now, this took some negotiating with my husband...when I first told him I wanted to paint a pink stripe in my kitchen he was not going for it.  However, I think it turned out cute!  I got lots of pink "accessories" as wedding gifts, including a pink kitchenaid mixer, pink tea kettle, pink metal collander, and some pink utensils.  I don't think it's too much pink -- of course, I love pink! :)

We added these cabinets and pantry to this wall in the kitchen -- it used to be an empty wall, and was such wasted space!  Now we have our microwave above the stove (instead of taking up space on the countertop, like in this picture):

Here's the other end of the kitchen, where our table is.  I have some antique tablecloths hanging on the shelf behind the table, along with some vintage teacups and saucers on the shelf.

The wheels are turning...I'll try to come up with a kitchen craft to share on the blog later this week.

I hope you all had a blessed holiday!


  1. Jenn, what a great blog! I love the pics of the kids too. They grow up so fast. Keep up the imagination!
    Love A.Karen

  2. Your kitchen turned out PERFECT! Glad you guys had a good Easter! :)