Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feels like summer...

These things made it feel like summer today:
--Wore flip flops today (my favorite!)
--Kids came in from recess with sweaty foreheads and wind-blown hair
--Wore shorts and a tank top to go for a walk this afternoon -- bare, white arms and legs seeing sunlight for the first time in months!
--All of the windows and doors in the house wide open, letting in some much needed fresh, warm air
--My honey grilled a YUMMY dinner...see below!

Bacon-wrapped, cream-cheese stuffed jalepeno peppers......mmmmmm.

Baked potato, salad with lots of fresh veggies, and grilled salmon. Is your mouth watering yet?

Even though I had all of these reminders of long summer days and no worries -- I was quickly yanked back into the real world with stress about parent/teacher conferences and my Action Research class. As much as I love my job, and working on my Masters, they both tend to interfere with my hopes for leisurely evenings and good nights of sleep! Oh well, the next few weeks will fly by...and then it really will be summer!
Got good news today at school -- the head of the district curriculum department asked me to be the 2nd grade district curriculum coach next year! I was very excited and honored -- I will partner up with one other teacher in the district to train and mentor any teachers who are new to teaching 2nd grade. I think it will be fun! And, although I keep telling myself not to put any more things on my already overflowing plate, I will be finished with my masters program by next year and will be able to devote more time to this new position.
Hope you all had lovely, summer-like days today. Bring on the sunshine, flip flops, warm breezes, and cold drinks. Summer's comin'!

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  1. OMG Jenny that is AWESOME!!! CONGRATS! You will be amazing.

    And umm... wish I could have been at your house for dinner! ;)