Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great things about today:

1. My second graders at school are being so sweet and cooperative this week! Such a welcome change. Before Spring Break, I had to have way too many of those what were you thinking? conversations with some antsy children who had been hit with Spring Fever. However, they all seem to be happy to be back to school after spring break. Many of them brought me shells, rocks, postcards, etc. from their vacation spots. :)
2. While walking into the house tonight, I noticed that there were little green things popping up in the garden in the front yard! Last year, my honey and I did lots of (expensive) landscaping and I was a bit worried that none of it would come back. Here's a before and after from last year's big yard overhaul.

Before: drab, dull, zero personality, complete with bare spots in the lawn....ugh.


Mark built this beautiful porch and we did lots of landscaping, touched up paint, and added shutters, potted plants, etc. Much better! I hope it still looks good this summer. I'm anxious to get my hands in the dirt later this spring and nurse everything back to its former glory.

3. Watching The Blind Side (love that movie!) and treating myself to peanut M&Ms...why do they seem to taste better when they are pastel easter colors??

4. Seing commercials for the return of GLEE! My most favorite show! Can't wait to tune in on April 13th!

On the craft front.... I'm working on a CUTE and CHEAP spring wreath using (of all things) paper lunch sacks! Stay will not believe how adorable it is.


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