Friday, March 26, 2010

Paper Bag Wreath

I have finally completed my spring wreath using brown paper lunch sacks! I got the idea from this website, which I highly recommend. It has quick and inexpensive ideas for creating crafts using things you can get from the dollar store. How smart is that? My husband likes it too, because my crafting habit tends to get a little pricey. :)

I started with a foam wreath form, then used my scalloped circle punch (below) to punch out a bunch of circles from the brown paper lunch sacks. I actually left them folded up as I punched, because it did more at a time. I think overall I used about 10 paper bags. Here's the punch I used:

After punching out all my scalloped circles, I got to work gluing them onto the styrofoam wreath. This was probably the most time consuming, and took me about 1 1/2 hours to complete all the gluing. It looked like this when I finished:

Next I got out my beloved Cricut (the best thing on earth!). The website recommended butterfly shapes, but I didn't have that on any of my cartridges, so I decided to go with flowers. I cut various sizes from light pink and cream paper, and also some from the pages of an old book -- I love how that looks! Added some green leaves, and a ribbon at the top...and the finished product looks like this:

I wish I were better at taking pictures, because I don't think this gives the full effect...but you get the idea. I love how it turned out! I immediately brought it upstairs and hung it on the front door. It will look cute there through the spring and even summer, too.

Friday night crafting -- the best way to end a long week. :)

Now that it is beginning to feel more like spring (finally!) I am starting to really look forward to summer! Only 85 days until we will be on the beach, looking at this:

We are going to Destin, Florida this summer for a week with another couple who are very good friends of ours. This is the view from the balcony of the condo where we will be staying...doesn't it look heavenly?
Here was the most beautiful part of my day:
A dear friend of mine lost her mother this week. Today I attended the funeral, and it was a beautiful service. As my friend got up to speak of her mom, she talked of the unconditional love that she remembers between her mother and father. It quickly brought tears to my eyes and I found myself crying, even though I had only met the woman once. I couldn't help but think of my own relationship with my sweet, incredible husband and wonder if some day our children will remember our marriage with the same affection and gratitude. Then I was thankful that we are still at the beginning of our lives together - and that I'm still full of hope for the legacy that our life and love together will leave. Slightly corny?? Yes. But still, all in all, beautiful to me.

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  1. your wreath is amazing and i am checking out that website- thanks for sharing it!

    that's so nice what you said about the funeral. i have been thinking about her so much and wrote her a card today. i can't imagine what that must feel like but obviously her mom left a lasting impression on her, something she'll never forget. not corny- i agree, beautiful!