Sunday, March 21, 2010

In an effort to minimize the piles of SNOW outside on this March 21st, I decided to haul out the Spring and Easter decorations to brighten up the house. Spring IS coming, right??
I found these adorable napkin rings at Marshall's Home Goods (aka: heaven on earth) and am inspired to try to recreate them.

As soon as this snow melts, I'll be off to the craft store to buy some felt and get busy! I figured I would just trace them to make a pattern, and use some fusible webbing to make it a no-sew quickie project.

Here is my Saturday night creation....snowed in = night alone in the craft room! YAY!

Cute paper "EASTER" banner made using scrapbook paper, ribbon, and my Cricut of course. Cute, huh?
Meanwhile, tomorrow is back to the real world...Spring Break is over, and I'm sure after a week of staying up late, sleeping in, and 7 days of time spent with my hubby -- it's going to be a rough transition back to school. However, I will be glad to see all my little second graders and hear how they spent their break!


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