Sunday, March 28, 2010

All Work and Some Play

What a busy, busy weekend! Lots of work, but of course a little time to play too.

Today we painted all day at Mark's grandma's. She needed the trim on the house repainted, as it was flaking off and faded. All the grandkids were supposed to show up at help...but alas, Mark and I were left to tackle it solo. At least it was a nice day! We were comfortable working in sweatshirts all day (much preferred to being sweaty and hot!) and got almost all of the painting done. Mark will go back tomorrow to finish. Didn't have my camera to do a before and after shot, but it does look really nice with fresh white paint on the trim. White paint can do wonders, can't it??

Last night we had dinner with my Sissy, Todd, and the kids. It is always a whirlwind when we arrive: the kids running around, competing a little for attention from Aunt Jenny and Uncle Mark...saying things like "Will you watch my gymnastics routine?" (Grace) and "You play monster trucks with me?" (Nick). Silly faces, shouting, giggling, and a tantrum here and there always makes me feel a little worn out, but also so happy. Of course, every time I am there, if it is anywhere close to bedtime Grace and Nick will run up the stairs to get ready for bed saying "I want AUNT JENNY to put me to bed!" So we did baths, jammies, snuggles, etc. As I was telling Gracie goodnight, she wrapped her arms around my neck, kissed me hard, and said "You are the best aunt, I love you." Melt. Leave it to a seven-year-old to make you feel complete.

It wouldn't be a weekend without a little crafting... I made some spring cards, with the inspiration coming from the cute polka-dot ribbon I found at JoAnn's on clearance.

These pictures are much better...I made sure to bring my cards up from the basement and photograph them in the kitchen where there is lots of natural light that comes in through the back door. Makes a big difference in the quality of my pictures. Plus, makes these springy cards seem even more bright and cheery!
Hope you all had a nice weekend, with time for work and play! :)


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