Monday, April 12, 2010

Quick Baby Gift

Tonight's craft of choice is baby themed...there are a couple of teachers at school who are having babies soon, and we are having a staff baby shower this week.  While I'm not really close with either of them, I thought it would be fun to whip up a little homemade gift.  Don't worry -- it's quick and easy!

I decided to make some pacifier clips...

Here are the  materials you'll need if you want to make one:
  • grosgrain ribbon
  • suspender clips
  • metal snaps (buy the kind that comes with a little plastic setter...)
  • hammer
  • double-sided fusible webbing (no-sew!) + an iron
  • buttons (if desired)
That's it!  Here's how I made them.  First, I cut a long enough piece of ribbon to make them double-sided.  I looped them through the end of the suspender clip.  Note:  I couldn't find plain suspender clips at my JoAnn's...all I could find was these, so I just cut off the elastic part.

Next, I cut a long strip of double-sided fusible webbing.  It is the best for quick projects when I don't want to drag out the sewing machine.  I followed the instructions on the packaging and used it to attach both sides of the ribbon together.  Then, I attached the snaps to one end.  The snaps came with this little plastic setter, so I used my hammer and followed the directions and they were really easy to attach.
You could stop there....but I decided to stitch a big button on to each one, just to jazz it up a bit.  They turned out so cute!  Total cost: $10 for 4 clips (could be less if you used ribbon that you had on hand).  Total time:  1 hour to make 4 clips.  I hope the new mommies enjoy them!

I leave you with a picture of my mutt:
He is exhausted from running through the mud all evening. :)  I let him  out of his chicken wire prison tonight and he ran like wild for the next hour.  It was a beautiful night, so I played fetch with him until he got tired of it, then sat out there and read for awhile.  He finally came and layed down next to me...muddy little stinker!  And, by the way, he did a great job of staying out of the new plants.  There's hope for my little obedience school drop-out!


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