Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Gift: Well Part of One Anyway...

I made another home-made birthday gift this week...a co-worker was celebrating a birthday, plus you know I'll take any excuse to whip up something crafty. :)  The only problem is, my camera battery died before I could take a picture of the final product. :(  And, I had to give it away today so now I'm grieving a bit over my craft that was loved and so quickly lost.

Hobby Lobby was having one of their *famous* sales this week where they have just about everything 50% off.  I found a nice black frame (glass-less, back-less) for $15.  I bought some foam core board and cut it to fit inside the frame.  I covered the foam with a beautiful fabric that I found (also on sale...cost about $1.25 for half a yard).  Then, I made some covered buttons (as I'm still having a love affair with these adorable little things) and glued them to thumbtacks.  Here's the couple of pics that I got before the camera called it quits.

Here's the pretty fabric I found.  I loved the pattern on it...it's not quite so olive-y as it looks in this picture.

 Here's my little covered button thumbtacks (aka: my yummy, sweet little babies)

I didn't get a picture of the finished product -- but I promise it turned out really, really cute!  And, my friend enjoyed her new little bulletin board, and is planning to use it in her office.

I had to do a little craft-room intervention before I started my project last night...this was the state of my craft desk:

I had left the past three weeks of projects strewn all over the countertop and didn't have a place to do a thing!  I also got scolded for leaving my hot glue gun on for two days straight.  Oops.

I got some cute new stamps and am hoping to make some cards soon.  However, life tends to get in the way of my crafting addiction.  Working on my research project for my masters, tying up things at school for these last few weeks of the year, keeping up with the house, the dog, the bills, the husband.  Counting down the days until summer -- when I'll have plenty of time for creative endeavors! 

I am also itching for a home project...I know, I know, after that yard fiasco I swore I wouldn't do another project for quite some time.  I can't help myself!  My living room needs some TLC.  It all started because we need some new furniture.  What we have is what I moved out with 5 years ago and it was a consignment store find -- now it is lumpy and faded.  Well, if you get new furniture it's only natural to paint the walls.  Painting the walls means we'll have to replace and paint the baseboards and window trim.  Then, while we're at it, why not have my handy husband whip up some built-in shelves for more storage and a more "polished" look?  If we do that, then we might as well get a new area rug, curtains, pillows, accessories, wall art, etc. etc. etc.  I smell a fantastic, life-changing, awe-inspiring, room remodel right around the corner. :)  One problem....limited funds.  I'll have to scout out some deals and do-it-yourself art, accessories, and other projects to make this a budget-friendly veture.

Have a great week!  Thanks for reading.

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  1. we need to talk living rooms. we are in the process of picking paint/finding a rug/designing a 'look'- any ideas yet?