Thursday, July 14, 2011

On My Mind

All kinds of things running through my mind tonight...

My heart has been heavy the past couple of days....I just can't seem to get this family out of my mind.  To have such a beautiful baby boy, and then to watch him suffer...seems unbearable to me.  Finding out about little James' prognosis had me in tears, rocking my own sweet girl a little longer tonight before bedtime.  If you've been following their story, too, you should check out these pictures and video that they just had taken of James.  So beautiful.  Click here to see it.

Thanking God for a HEALTHY baby tonight, and praying feverishly that she'll always stay that way.

On a lighter note...I've got to get going on my July goals!  All I've done is pull a few maternity tops out of my closet and put them in a pile.  I better get myself in gear if I want to accomplish these all by the end of the month.  I'm hoping to start tackling the basement tomorrow...

Pretty soon I'll be heading back to school.  I can't believe that the summer has gone so quickly - I'm starting to get anxious about getting my classroom ready for the new school year.  I am a little nervous about my large class size this year....there were 27 kids on my list in May, so I'm hoping there weren't any more added over the summer!  Let the planning, organizing, bulletin board making, and laminating begin!  I'm looking forward to a new school year (as I always do) but nervous about all the changes that will come - especially being away from Natalie.  Not gonna go into that though....

Hoping to get some blogging inspiration soon -- this post was a little bit all over the place.  Natalie will be FIVE months old next week (WHAT?!?) so I'm sure that will give me plenty to write about. :)

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  1. Jenny, I've been following James' story, as well and oh my goodness.. unbelievably sad and I think about this family multiple times a day. That couple is so strong it blows me away. Do you know them personally? I hate reading those (for multiple reasons) but mainly because I wish there was something I could do.