Friday, July 15, 2011

Choosing Happiness

We've had some unfortunate luck over the past year....seems like bad things like to come all at once, doesn't it?  I don't consider myself to be a negative person.  I try to stay positive and "hang in there" when things aren't going my way.  But, sometimes, the negative things gang up on me and get me in a less-than-desirable mood.  Haven't we all been there??

In the past year, we've dealt with (in no particular order): identity theft, unemployment, Mark's eye injury (+7 surgeries), a break-in (Mark's truck), Mark's truck breaking down, termite infestation, broken computer that ended up needing to be replaced, rough labor/delivery and c-section followed by a week in the hospital, and accumulating debt (from all aforementioned problems!).

I've been thinking a little about luck, and happiness, and how much easier my life would be if things would just stop. going. wrong.  I've been lamenting about our latest "unexpected expense" - the demise of our computer.  I feel like we can't catch a break!

The problem is, I've been waiting around for luck and happiness to just come along and happen to me.  I finally realized (a little late, maybe) that happiness is a choice,  and if I want to be happy - then, well, I should just go ahead and get on with it!

So, in an effort to choose happiness, I've decided to try to focus more on the good, and much less on the not-so-good.

Here are the sweet, simple joys I tried to focus on a little more today:

*A great night's sleep last night - for me and for Natalie.  Makes our day start so much better when we are both well-rested!
*Watching my sisters' babies swoon over my baby.  I mean, these kids go nuts when "baby Natalie" is around.  Picture slobbery kisses and singing songs and head-patting and lots and lots of baby talk.
*A long nap....long enough for mommy to finally clean the basement!
*An easy crock-pot dinner.  Mom coming over for dinner and loving on her grandbaby likes it's her job.  Watching said grandbaby smile at her Mimi like it's her job. :)
*Rocking my baby to sleep.  Nothing, nothing, on this earth beats it.  It's like an instant high when her little body melts against my chest, her breathing slows, and her eyelids flutter as sleep finds her. 

Look at this little darling....who wouldn't be happy when you look at this sweet face all day!?

Happy weekend, friends.  Stay cool!

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  1. The happiest people don't have the best of everything...they make the best of everything!! More power to you, I will join you on foucusing on the positives.