Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dwindling Summer

The countdown is on.  I have only a couple of precious weeks left at home with my little girl....then our summer will be over.

It has been such a special summer for me.  For once, I didn't fill my days away from school with tutoring kiddos, lesson planning, or overhauling my classroom library.  I didn't take classes, tackle my large stack of papers to file, or learn new technology strategies to implement while teaching.  Even though I get my summers "off", I usually spend a large portion of my break working....thinking....planning. 

Not this summer.  This summer, it was for us.  For my baby girl and me.
I never want to forget these incredible months at home with her.  Exhausting and frustrating at times, yes.  But it was hands down the best summer of my life.

We didn't go on vacation or spend hot days by the pool.  We didn't chase down the ice cream truck (well, maybe once...) or go boating or play at the park.  But in the absence of these classic summer traditions, we found new ones.

Snuggling every morning in the earliest rays of sunshine.
Sitting outside on hot nights, when that stifling night air was all that would calm a fussing baby.
Countless hours spent in the rocking chair in her room, singing lullabies and cuddling close.
Laying on the floor, side by side, exploring and playing.  Reading books.  Singing songs.  Shaking toys and holding stuffed animals.
Watching her change and grow - starting as a tiny helpless babe, and then emerging with more personality, more independence, and more beauty each and every week. 
She has learned to smile, laugh, roll, recognize voices and faces, yell, control her wobbly head, sit up in her exersaucer/high chair/jumper, bounce, reach, and grasp.  A true testament to just how amazing babies are.  I am constantly in awe of how fast she learns and changes.  It's incredible.

Yes, this summer has been different.  Different and wonderful.  And now each future summer will be sweeter and more special and full of memories waiting to be created.  Best of all, it will be all ours
Until next summer, sweet girl....


  1. I get it.
    Totally get it.
    Praying for you, for us! :)

  2. Oh wow! I just came across your blog and I'm in the exact same situation.Reading "Until next summer, sweet girl" has made me tear up!! I'm a teacher. Every summer before this summer was filled with my husband and I traveling and being carefree..and with me planning like crazy for the next school year. Not this summer, because we had a sweet baby girl in April. And what an amazing summer it has been with her. I go back to work this Monday!! I hope your transition back to work will be as easy as possible, and thinking of next summer with our baby girls can make the time go by a little easier.


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