Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Randoms.

Not much happening around here this weekend....
Just the usual cute baby stuff:

Yes, Daddy put the onesie on her head.  Yes, I took a ridiculous number of pictures.  No, we don't have anything better to do on a Saturday morning.  I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

I got away for a little while today to try on bridesmaid dresses with the girls.  Mark's brother is getting married this fall, and we're both thrilled to be a part of the wedding.  Thrilled about this post-baby body in a bridesmaid dress??  Notsomuch.  But so happy for Nick & Brandi!  The best part was coming home after 5 hours away.  I'm not usually away from Natalie for that long....she was in her exersaucer when I got home.  When I walked in, she smiled, laughed, giggled, bounced, and squealed!  Cutest. Thing. Ever.  Man, did that make my whole day.  I think the only thing that will get me through the day when school starts is knowing that that sweet little happy baby is waiting for me when the work day is over.

Bedtime tonight was a struggle.  You see, I've gotten into this not-so-good habit of rocking Natalie before naptimes and bed.  It's not so much that she needs to be rocked, it's more that I enjoy the quiet snuggle time together.  So, in MY need to have sweet snuggly rocking time with my baby -- I've created a rockabye baby addict.  She now won't go down for bed unless she's rocked.  As in rocked until she's completely asleep.  Also, if she doesn't take a little 30 minute evening nap, she's a fussy mess by bedtime.  If she does take her evening catnap, she has a hard time settling down before nine o'clock.  Oh, the mysteries of babies and motherhood.  Most of the time, I feel like I'm just trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing.  And just when I figure something out, there's a new hurdle to tackle.  I have a feeling this is just the beginning... :)

The best thing about bedtime?  Bathtime comes first... :)

The girl loves her rubber ducky.

The momma loves the girl.

Hope you're having a great weekend -- and staying cool!


  1. I think it's something about this age because bedtime/naptime has been rough for us also!

  2. Rocking a baby to sleep is pure sweetness. I rocked Avery to sleep every night for the first year. Around 1 year old she was ready to put herself to sleep and it wasn't a battle. Now that she's a crazy busy 3 year old who's too much of a big girl to let her mommy rock her - I don't regret a single one of those nights spent snuggled up in the rocking chair holding my baby. Enjoy it! It won't last forever...:)

  3. she is SO cute!!!!

    jenna duty