Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not So Sure

Natalie had her first solid food last night - as in VERY soupy cereal/breastmilk combination. 
The verdict:  undecided.

She didn't seem to love it....but didn't scream either.  Lots of funny faces and gag noises.  We'll keep trying. :)  Well, I will.  You probably  noticed in the video that daddy wasn't going for it either.  After she "ate" she spit up a couple of times in a row.  Daddy said "She's spitting up.  She's spitting up!!!!" like she's never done that before.  He decided she didn't like it and we should wait at least a week before we try it again.  We'll see about that...

 I'm not so sure about this whole "spoon" thing...
 Hey!  What's that??
 Do I actualy have to swallow this?


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