Thursday, June 14, 2012

Remember when.... A post about ME

Remember when I used to blog about stuff other than my cute baby?  Those days that I blogged of crafting and decorating and teaching and all that other fun stuff?  I miss those days!
I love being a Mommy, and it is true that in the past 15 months (and 10 months of pregnancy before that...) that part of my life has somewhat overtaken and infiltrated every other interest, hobby, and passion that I have.  But - my life is not completely defined as a diaper-changing, boo-boo kissing, car-seat loading, diaper bag packing, lunch fixing, booger-wiping, song-singing, baby-talking Momma (to the most beautiful and precious little one on the face of the planet, IMHO).  There is more to this Mommy than all of that, but I feel as if my blog - which is a great place to share with family and friends about the goings-on in our family - as morphed into that kind of blog.  You know the kind....where mommies post the play-by-plays of potty training, or 100 pictures of what all look like the same exact kid in the same exact outfit.  Well, maybe not that bad....but you get the idea.

I know you all love reading about my sweetie pie, and even more love to see her sweet face all over this blog....but tonight is about telling a little more about me.  The me who is not just a Mommy (even though I love it more than anything)!

I am a teacher.  Summers are amazing, but 10 months out of the year I work my butt offWe are talking loonnnngg days with amazing kids (and kids that just plain wear me out).  Lots of parent phone calls and emails and "No Thank-You's" and "Stay in line please" and "Let's talk kindly to each other, shall we?"  A job that can feel like a constant hamster wheel - because as soon as you have accomplished one week of teaching and learning, another is upon you.  A constant struggle to reach every kid, and find enough time for all 27 of them.  "ON" every single second of the day.  Because teachers can't have bad days or personal issues or time for that!  Too many little people counting on me!  It's a job that I love, despite the challenges. 
I am a creator, by nature.  Since I was little, I've loved art and drawing and painting.  I sew (my Grandma taught me when I was a girl).  I love beautiful things, and feel that my eye is drawn to finding pretty details around me.  Presentation is important to me.  I like to decorate (and re-decorate, and re-decorate) my house.  I like color and calm and the way my house looks has a direct effect on my mood/feelings/etc.  I like organized spaces and a good, detailed list.  I like to take pictures and I love to scrapbook.  And the sweet little business that I started with my bestie is the perfect creative outlet for me.  Because I'm the kind of person who needs a little creatin' every once and awhile.  It honestly brings great joy to me.  My family gives me a hard time sometimes, saying things like, "Of course you made that yourself!" but I know they appreciate my creativity, too.  My hubby supports me endlessly in this "hobby", and understands that I need some time in the craft room every once and awhile.
Speaking of the hubby, my role as wife is equally important to me as the role of mother.  My guy is the love of my life.  Our love isn't perfect by any means, but it is perfect for us.  I can't imagine my life with anyone else - and he is still the person that I look forward to seeing and spending time with at the end of each day.  He is sweet and so generous.  He has a quick-temper, and a fierce love for his family.  He makes me laugh each day.  He does the grocery shopping every week and makes dinner 95% of the time.  He drives me absolutely crazy quite often.  He leaves his socks on the floor and never makes the bed.  He loves junk food.  He loves his daughter.  And I love him.

I like to read, but wish I would set aside more time for it.  I refuse to say that I don't have time to read.  I just don't always choose to use my free time for it.  I have a sick addiction to reality television.  I spend time designing for The Lovely Apple.  August through May, you can find me on the couch any night of the week grading a stack of papers or lesson planning.  I like to go for walks/runs and play outside with the little one.  If I could go to antique stores every weekend, I'd be a happy girl. I wish I was better at getting my family to church each week.  I pray each day and try to see the wonderful qualities in each person I meet.  I can be impatient and get frustrated easily.  I wish I weren't that way!  I am not very funny, but I love to laugh.  I hate my hair, my knees, and my hips.  I love my family like crazy.  My sisters are my some of my best friends, and their children are so precious to me.  I feel so blessed in so many ways, and appreciate things that help me remember that.

There you have it - everything you ever wanted (or didn't want to know!) about me.
And - some obligatory pictures (from the phone, no less!) since I hate blog posts with no photos.

Hope to be back soon with a BUDGET update!  'Cause I freakin' OWN that !*#&@ budget!
Happy (almost) Friday! :)


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