Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lovin' Daddy!

We celebrated an amazing Daddy today...
These two together are just the best.  I absolutely love to see their little connection.  They have the sweetest daddy-daughter thing goin' on.  I pray each day that it will always be that way.
They play and laugh and chase and tease and giggle.  They have so much fun together, and there is a special smile that only comes across Mark's face when his daughter is around.  He is so in love with her.  And, good lord, that makes me so in love with him. 
Isn't it funny how married couples start calling each other "mommy" and "daddy" when you have a child?  I even answer his phone calls and greet him most days with "Hi, Daddy".  Weird?!?   Today, we took the Daddy and my own daddy to breakfast first thing this morning.  Then a few errands, a haircut for the Daddy, and a present or two....
All of his favorites!  My honey is a total junk food addict, and he loves to snack (I blame him often for my own figure...).  We packed up all of his favorites - Oreos, pistachios, sunflower seeds, sour patch kids, beef jerky...along with some of his favorite magazines.  I think he was pleased! 

Also - I've had to come to terms with the fact that babies don't understand holidays and special occasions. :)  Natalie typically does well and I don't have many instances to complain about - but today, of all days - she decided to get up early, and take a one hour nap (when she usually sleeps for 3).  That made for a whiny and restless baby today. 

Therefore, this evening, during the bewitching hour (that 90 minutes between dinner and bedtime that you just need to get through!) we went outside for a little water play.  I would be crazy to not share more pictures of my little beauty in her swimsuit.

(captured that attitude I was telling you about...)

She and Harley are getting along swimmingly these days.  And he thinks her baby pool is his very own.
(Oohhhhhhh. Birdie.)

Sharing a poolside snack with Daddy.

Finally it was time to come in for bath, jammies, snuggles, etc.  We had a little fun in the tub, and I am completely in love with this picture.  Her little face!!!

Finally, I can't end this post without a little Father's Day love for two other important daddies.
Happy Father's Day to my own Dad.  The man who always provided, forever practical and matter-of-fact.  A man who loves to fish, hunt, and would choose to be outdoors above watching TV any day of the week.  A guy who doesn't mind saying what's on his mind, but always quick to hug a grandkid or give a loving pinch.  I love my grumpy ol' Dad!

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful father-in-law who shows an admirable amount of love to his family, adores his granddaughter, and never hesitates to say "I love you."  A man who taught my man to be loyal and loving and has the same sense of humor and quick, smart tongue.  He is so sweet with Natalie, and we wish we could spend time with him more often! 

We are so blessed to have all of these wonderful fathers in our lives, and grateful for a day to show them how much they mean to us. 


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